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Full Monitoring

With the Full Monitoring upgrade Contabo offers a tool to monitor the status as well as the state of services.

Why should I monitor my server?

With a monitoring system you are able to detect offline servers or services immediately. With this tool you are able to minimize a service downtime.

A server administrator is not always online to monitor the server 24/7 (in the night or on vacation). In case of a defect the server administrator needs to be informed immediately.

How does the monitoring system look like?

It does not matter if your server is a VPS or a dedicated server, the construction is the same. The most important information is already described in the first line: Is the server online or offline.

Below you can find the state of the services you have chosen to monitor. You can decide for each service how you want to get informed if the service is down. We support notifications via e-mail and text messages (SMS).

With the menu item "Add Services" we added an easy option to add monitoring for a new service. You only have to choose the protocol type (TCP/UDP) and the port the service is listening to.


In the picture below you can see a simple monitoring system. We check if the services on port 80 (http) and 443 (https) are running. Additionally, we monitor a custom SSH port on 60500.


Dedicated Server

Similar to the VPS you can check, add and delete the monitored services. The only difference is that you can directly see the data traffic of your server.


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