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Contabo's high performance, but cheap, cloud infrastructure gives you more RAM, CPU, and traffic for less compared to other cloud hosting providers.
CI/CD Pipelines

Optimize Your Development Cycle with CI/CD Pipelines

Combine your expertise with the power of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment on award-winning Contabo servers. Create efficient software delivery solutions without breaking the bank.

Build your ideal CI/CD Pipeline on Contabo servers

We empower developers who know what they need with the tools to create their ideal CI/CD pipeline. Take full control of automation to improve product quality and streamline update rollouts. Use a recommended option below, or build your own custom solution.
Cloud VPS 1
Development & Staging
🌍No Setup Fee
50 / month

Allocate as many separate development and staging environments as you need on cost-effective VPS configurations. Prioritize speed with NVMe storage for optimal performance.

Cloud VPS 3
Repository Node
🌍No Setup Fee
00 / month

Deploy a virtual machine as your central repository and container registry, using GitLab or similar. Use a VPS with more CPU power and extra storage to meet your repository's needs.

Cloud VPS 2
Monitoring & Logging
🌍No Setup Fee
50 / month

Set up dedicated VPS instances with balanced CPU and RAM for monitoring CI/CD pipeline health and performance. Use centralized management tools for faster troubleshooting.

Cloud VPS 4
CI/CD Runners
🌍No Setup Fee
00 / month

Utilize CPU-optimized VPS instances for running basic CI/CD tasks. These runners are essential for automated testing, app development, and efficient deployment processes.

Object Storage
Central Storage

Incorporate Object Storage solutions to streamline your CI/CD setup and accelerate deployments. Simplify data management with the help of centralized caching, backups, and logs.

CI/CD Pipeline Basics

A CI/CD pipeline is a series of automated processes that enable developers to reliably and efficiently compile, package, and test their code before deploying it to production.

CI (Continuous Integration) refers to the practice of frequently integrating code changes into a shared repository, where automated builds and tests are run.

CD (Continuous Deployment or Continuous Delivery) automates the delivery of code changes after the build phase, either directly to production environments (Continuous Deployment) or to staging environments for further validation (Continuous Delivery).

Why Deploy Your CI/CD Pipeline on the Contabo Cloud?

Enhance your DevOps processes in several key areas using our cloud-based tools.

Cloud-based CI/CD pipelines offer unparalleled accessibility, enabling remote teams to collaborate seamlessly. This allows developers to push changes, monitor builds, and deploy applications from anywhere, ensuring continuous productivity.

Icon for pricing
Cost Efficiency

Leveraging cloud infrastructure for CI/CD eliminates the need for heavy upfront investments in hardware. This scalable, flexible model allows for cost-effective rental of high-end resources, adjusting to demand and reducing overall expenses.

Provision any cloud server in minutes through the Contabo API or CLI.
Speed & Agility

Cloud platforms offer preconfigured environments that expedite CI/CD setup, enabling quicker deployment cycles. This agility shortens the time from code commit to production, accelerating product updates and feature releases.

Icon for security
Enhanced Security

Cloud-based CI/CD pipelines on Contabo servers come with always-on DDoS protection to keep your system safe. For additional protection for your code base, it's easy to install the custom security features of your choice.

8 Regions, 11 Locations, Global Availability

Choose the location that's best for your CI/CD pipeline. Ensure low latency for developers and end-users, seamless integration for remote teams, and cost-efficiency for any budget.

Which Contabo Services Enhance Your CI/CD Pipeline?

Custom CI/CD pipelines benefit from focused Contabo services. Take advantage of APIs & CLI for integration and automation, Cloud-init images for rapid setup, private networking for security, and scalable Object Storage for efficient data management.
The Contabo API makes it easy to manage all of your cloud hosting resources via HTTP requests.

Enable seamless automation and management of infrastructure via robust APIs and CLI tools, facilitating direct CI/CD tool integration for efficient workflows.

Icon for images
Custom Cloud-init Images

Utilize custom OS images with pre-installed software, alongside Cloud-init for automated initialization, ensuring rapid readiness of CI/CD environments.

Contabo's private networking lets you create robust virtual private clouds with unlimited, secure, and isolated traffic in Cloud VPS, Cloud VDS, and Storage VPS.
Private Networking

Secure CI/CD operations within private networks, offering a safeguarded environment for pipeline execution away from public internet threats.

Object Storage

Utilize expandable Object Storage for artifact, backup, and log management, providing a reliable and flexible storage solution to support CI/CD scalability.

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"Switching our CI/CD pipeline to Contabo was a game-changer for our startup. The scalability and reliability of their servers have allowed us to deploy updates faster than ever, and the cost savings are incredible. Their API integration was a breeze, and we were up and running in no time. Highly recommend to any team looking to optimize their development workflow! "

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