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  • S3-Compatible API

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Object Storage with Flat All-Inclusive Rate

S3-compatibility and built-in redundancy. No charges for data transfer and no long-term commitments.

All the Features You Need for a Fraction of Cost

S3-compatible API

Our Object Storage is S3 compatible. You can use S3 API features like versioning or locking as needed.

Drag-n-drop Web Interface

You can use web interface to manage your files and buckets with your web browser.

Link Sharing

You can share links to stored files easily and manage public access to each file as needed

Access Control

Add users and set access controls via web interface or the Contabo API.

Auto Scaling
Auto-Scaling Limit

You can set a maximum amount of monthly data growth to make sure your bill will not get out of control.

Full Control over File Location

You decide in which geographic locations your files are stored and we will never move it to any other country without your consent.

Built-In Redundancy

Object Storage is running in high availability mode by default and it utilizes local replication.

DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection

Access to all files is protected from DDoS attacks to ensure uninterrupted access.

Auto installer
Works Well Not Just with Contabo Servers

We built Object storage in such a way that you can use it together with whatever server setup you currently have.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

You shouldn't need a PhD in economics to predict your next bill
Simple Pay for each 250 GB slice you use
Predictible No surprise bills
All-Inclusive Including unlimited data transfer

Everything Included

Our price is truly all-inclusive and comes without long-term commitment.
Bandwidth and Traffic
Data Transfer
Data Retrieval

Radically Cheaper Than Competition

Look at the price comparison of 1 TB storage space with 2 TB of data transfer each month.
€7.96 / month
Object Storage
Object Storage
Layer 1
€26.70 / month
Spaces Object Storage
Spaces Object Storage
Layer 1
€26.70 / month
Object Storage
Object Storage
Layer 1
€26.70 / month
Object Storage
Object Storage
€171.00 / month
S3 Standard
S3 Standard

Security of Your Data

Contabo Object Storage Security

We ensure high level of redundancy of your data. It's an equivalent of each file being stored on 3 different drives.

All incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted using SSL/TLS.

All our locations observe state-of-art physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

State-Of-Art Performance

Contabo Object Storage Performance

Our Object Storage offers high-speed throughput, much faster than almost any internet connection you might get.

We designed our Object Storage setup in a way to offer you as low latency as possible regardless of where you are.

State-of-art infrastructure. Our hardware configuration strictly follows RedHat recommendations for Ceph clusters.

Easy to Migrate to

Contabo Object Storage Migration

It's super easy to migrate to Contabo Object Storage. The API follows well-established S3 standard.

You can just change credentials and URL in your existing applications.

Changing your existing code to work with our Object Storage can be also done in minutes.

Object Storage Works with Tools You Already Use

Contabo S3 Integration - Apache Spark
Apache Spark
Contabo S3 Integration - Nextcloud
Contabo S3 Integration - CyberDuck

"With Contabo Object Storage I no longer need to worry about my storage bill. It has all the features I need and migration was super easy."

Jane Philips, Early Access Customer

Object Storage for All Your Needs

File Sharing

You can use Object Storage to share files publicly and privately over the internet. Access management offers file-level granularity.


Storing backups is the leading use case of Object Storage. Leading backup tools can be integrated with Contabo Object storage in just a few clicks.

Large File Hosting

Object Storage allows to store large files up to 5 TB each. This includes videos, photos and audio file as well as Operating System images and data base dump files.

Cold Data Storage

With Object Storage also works perfectly as a long term storage for data that you want to keep save but you won't access it on daily basis.

NAS Alternative

You can use Object Storage as a NAS alternative and let your cloud instances to read and write data as needed.


Storing logs is another thing where Object Storage can be helpful. This way you never have to worry about logs rotation or loosing your logs after deleting your instance.