Cloud VPS and Bare Metal Servers for Less

Contabo's high performance, but cheap, cloud infrastructure gives you more RAM, CPU, and traffic for less compared to other cloud hosting providers.

Private Networking

Create robust Virtual Private Clouds to interconnect Cloud VPS and VDS. Benefit from unlimited, secure and isolated traffic within each private network.

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Data in each private network is transferred securely using a layer 2 LAN with full isolation.

All of Contabo's cloud solutions (e.g. dedicated servers, object storage) are interconnected and empower you to scale your infrastructure as needed.
Easy & Flexible

You can use the web interface, API & CLI to create and configure each private network.

From VPS to private networking, each of our servers can fit your networking needs.
VMs in Multiple Networks

Every Cloud VPS or Cloud VDS can belong to multiple private networks.

With AMD EPYC processors and brand new hardware from Dell, HP Enterprise, Intel, and Samsung, Contabo's servers give you reliable performance.
Low latency

Take advantage of low latency and minimal network jitter.

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Unlimited Traffic

All traffic within Virtual Private Cloud is unlimited and unmetered.

Provision any cloud server in minutes through the Contabo API or CLI.
Automatic Setup

Network interface configuration happens automatically when you create a private network.

Private Networking Use Cases

Here are some uses where Private Networking will bring you the most benefit
Isolate your Precious Data

Private Networking can be used to isolate resources such as Databases, backups and logs from the internet. For example you can run a PostgreSQL instance and only allow connections from a web server instance.

Secure Architecture

Protect vulnerable parts of your infrastructure against attacks such as denial of service. Private Networking allows you to separate services from the public network on an internal layer 2 LAN.

Distributed Applications

Build highly available distributed web applications or microservices on Cloud VPS and VDS virtual machines using Private Networking to robustly communicate between instances.

"Private Networking with Contabo is a clean solution - it allows us to isolate our microservices and have them communicate directly. "

Jeff Peralta, CTO, Global B2B SaaS

Private Networking: How Much Does It Cost?

At Contabo we believe you should only pay for what you need. As Private Networking requires additional networking infrastructure, such as top of the rack switches, we decided to charge an extra fee only if you need this feature. The monthly fee is:
  • €2.29 for each Cloud VPS,
  • €5.79 for each Cloud VDS.
This fee is charged per instance, not per private network, so one instance can belong to multiple private networks without incurring more fees.

4 vCPU Cores
50% Off Storage Extension
50 GB NVMe
or 200 GB SSD
1 Snapshot
32 TB Traffic
Unlimited Incoming
€8.28 / month
8 vCPU Cores
50% Off Storage Extension
200 GB NVMe
or 800 GB SSD
3 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic
Unlimited Incoming
€19.78 / month
10 vCPU Cores
50% Off Storage Extension
400 GB NVMe
or 1.6 TB SSD
4 Snapshots
32 TB Traffic
Unlimited Incoming
€33.78 / month
CPU 4 vCPU Cores
Storage 50 GB NVMe
Snapshot 1 Snapshot
Data Transfer 32 TB Traffic
CPU 8 vCPU Cores
Storage 200 GB NVMe
Snapshot 3 Snapshots
Data Transfer 32 TB Traffic
CPU 10 vCPU Cores
Storage 400 GB NVMe
Snapshot 4 Snapshots
Data Transfer 32 TB Traffic