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Windows Server and VPS

Get a Windows Server at Great Price with Contabo

Why People Choose Contabo to Host their Windows Servers?

Incredible prices

Windows license for €4.99 a month? With Contabo this is possible! We have adjusted our prices so that everyone can afford to run Windows on their instance.

Optimized for Windows

Our environment is optimized for Windows. The servers we use undergo compliance testing against numerous Windows Server distributions to ensure compatibility and high performance.

Recognized by Experts

The experts from HostAdvice continuously review hosting providers and have awarded Contabo with the Top 10 Windows Hosting 2022 award.

Available Windows Distributions

Windows Server 2022

  • All Windows Server 2016 Features

  • All Windows Server 2019 Features

  • Secured-Core-Technology

  • DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)

  • Microsoft Edge browser

  • Upgraded Hyper V Manager

  • Enhanced Storage Replication

Windows Server 2019

  • All Windows Server 2012R2 Features

  • All Windows Server 2016 Features

  • Advanced Thread Protection

  • Windows Admin Center

  • Kubernetes support

  • Device Guard

  • Kernel soft reboot

Windows Server 2016

  • All Windows Server 2012R2 Features

  • Windows Defender

  • Windows Powershell 5.0

  • Network Controller

  • IP Address Management (IPAM)

Windows Server 2012R2

  • Windows Firewall with Extended Security

  • AppLocker and Bitlocker

  • Dynamic Access Control

  • NET Core

Recommended Windows Server Configurations

There are thousands of possible use cases for a virtual machine running Windows. Here are some of our bestsellers
Windows Remote Desktop
€10.48 / month
Black Friday Deals

Windows Server 2016 + 4 vCPU Cores, 8 GB RAM and 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD. The most affordable solution to get a Remote Desktop.

Meta Trading on Windows
€37.98 / month
Black Friday Deals

Thousands of Contabo customers rely on a Windows Server on VPS L for their Meta or Forex Trading Business.

Windows Game Server
€81.98 / month
Black Friday Deals

Windows on Virtual Dedicated Server S is a great solution for running a Minecraft or any other game server.

Reseller Webhosting
€131.97 / month
Black Friday Deals

For a Webhosting reselling business that needs to run with Windows our Virtual Dedicated Server L is a popular choice.

Raw Power for Windows Applications

Bestselling solutions for resource intensive Windows applications
Windows Server for ERP System
€196.97 / month
Black Friday Deals

Virtual Dedicated Server XXL is reliable for all common Windows applications that require plenty dedicated resources, such as all ERP-class systems.

Multi-user Remote Workstation
from €224.98 / month
Black Friday Deals

Multiuser Windows Workstation is often run on AMD 16-Core Dedicated Server to ensure reliable performance for all the users all the time.

Windows Server for Heavy Computing
from €319.98 / month
Black Friday Deals

The Raw Computing Power of the AMD 32-Core Server combined with Windows Server is the perfect solution for all applications with heavy computing requirements like Deep Learning Training, weather models computing or GTO solving.

These are just a few sample configurations. You can browse Contabo's product portfolio of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), Dedicated Servers or check our pricing page for a full overview.

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