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Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)

The Flexibility of VPS and the Power of Dedicated Servers
Dedicated CPU & RAM
100% NVMe Storage
Quick Provisioning
€36.99 / month
No Setup Fee
3 Physical Cores AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz
180 GB NVMe SSD More storage available
250 Mbit/s Port
32 TB Traffic Unlimited Available
€68.99 / month
No Setup Fee
6 Physical Cores AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz
360 GB NVMe SSD More storage available
750 Mbit/s Port
32 TB Traffic Unlimited Available
€88.99 / month
No Setup Fee
8 Physical Cores AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz
480 GB NVMe SSD More storage available
1 Gbit/s Port
32 TB Traffic Unlimited Available
€129.99 / month
No Setup Fee
12 Physical Cores AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz
720 GB NVMe SSD More storage available
1 Gbit/s Port
32 TB Traffic Unlimited Available

Minimum initial contract length:
1 month

Minimum following contract length:
Equal to the initial contract length

Minimum cancellation notice:
None (pre-paid) or 4 weeks (post-paid)

VDS Key Features

Dedicated CPU & RAM

Virtual Dedicated Servers run in a virtualized environment (just like VPS), but unlike Virtual Private Servers, each Virtual Dedicated Server gets a certain number of physical CPU cores permanently assigned for your exclusive use. The same is true for RAM which is also exclusively reserved for each instance and not shared with anyone.

100% NVMe SSD Storage

Virtual Dedicated Servers would not be complete without the fastest storage on the market: NVMe SSD. We use disks only from high-quality suppliers to provide cutting edge performance and high IOPS rate. Additionally, up to 2 additional disks can be added to further extend the available storage.

Quick Provisioning

Virtual Dedicated Server is the quickest way to get a powerful computing instance with Contabo. You can get an instance comparable with many Dedicated Servers in the time that it takes to provision a VPS.

Hyper-threading Included

You can utilize the advantages of Hyper-threading (HT) or - to be more precise - simultaneous multithreading (SMT) with your Virtual Dedicated Server at no extra cost. That means each physical core which comes with your VDS can support 2 threads and act as 2 virtual CPUs.

No Extra Fees For Traffic
Can Host Virtual Machines
DDoS Protection Included
1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Network Included
Additional SSD Storage Available
OS Reinstall and Reboot Through Web Interface
DNS Management Through Web Interface
VNC Access Included
Uptime Monitoring Available
Additional IPs Available
Domains and SSL Certificates Available
Additional Backup Space Available

Images available for your Virtual Dedicated Server

Automatically install a wide variety of Operating Systems, Control Panels and Applications

6 Reasons to buy a Virtual Dedicated Server with Contabo

Focused on providing German Quality

Since founding in 2003 Contabo is committed to provide German quality in every aspect of our business.

Global Availability

Contabo operates Data Centers in key Regions around the globe. All of them use the same platform and the same German quality standards.

Incredible Prices

Keeping prices low is deep in Contabo DNA. We make sure to offer unbeatable prices everyday, not only during promotions. Here are 4 things we do to keep our VPS prices low.

First-class Support

Learn what makes Contabo Support experience special and why we have received multiple awards and thousands of good review for our work at customer support.

Focus on Security

We are very serious about security in Contabo. Get to know our 3 pillars of security.

Awards & Recognitions

We don't like to brag, but we thought you'd be interested to know that Contabo has been repeatedly recognized for our Customer Support, Data Center efficiency and uptime.

Trusted by Thousands Around the Globe

Customers in 180 Countries


Dedicated Servers

5 Regions, 8 Locations, Global Availability

What people are saying About Contabo VDS Instances

"Excellent Service! I have a VPS server with them as when it comes to customer service they are awesome. Great service and I highly recommend. Any issues customer service has managed to handle on the spot. No server downtime. The staff is always patient, easy to understand and they often offer advice on how to keep my site running smooth.Thank you for always being my best supporter!"

Isuru Udara, Sri Lanka

Our Awards

Contabo Data Centers and Customer Support Received Multiple Awards
Contabo award badges - Chip Hotline Test, Deloitte, Host Advice, Best German Data Center