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Our Availability: Global & Growing

See How We Provide German Quality Servers at Locations in Key Regions Around the World.

9 Regions, 12 Data Centers, Global Availability

A map of Contabo's Data Centers that have German Quality, high speed, and low-latency cloud infrastructure at low prices worldwide.

More and More Locations Near You

We believe that high-quality VPS and Dedicated Servers should be available to everyone regardless of where they are. Our global reach allows you to run workloads in locations that suit you at affordable price.
Five data centers in Germany

We serve Europe, Africa & Middle East from 5 Data Centers in Germany. Select European Union while configuring your server to deploy your services there. More on Locations in Europe

Three regions in the US: US East (New York City), US West (Seattle) and US Central (St. Louis)
United States

For America there are 3 Regions available. You can choose between US East (New York), US West (Seattle) and US Central (St. Louis) Regions. More on Contabo in the US

Our data center in Portsmouth, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

UK and Ireland is served from our Data Center in Portsmouth, England. To take advantage select United Kingdom in the configurator. More on Contabo in the UK

Our data center in Singapore for the asia-pacific region

Our Customers in South and South-East Asia can take advantage from our Data Center in Singapore. To do so, pick Asia (Singapore) in the product configurator. More on Contabo in Singapore

Our data center in Tokyo.

People in Japan, Korea and East Asia will get best experience when selecting our Data Center in Tokyo. Select Asia (Japan) while configuring your server. More about Contabo in Japan.

Our data center in Sydney for the Australian region.

We provide premium connectivity to everyone in Australia out of our Sydney Data Center. Learn more about Contabo in Australia.

Our data center in Mumbai for India.

Our newest Data Center in India provides low-latency connections to major cities throughout the subcontinent, supporting India's rapidly growing IT sector. Check out Contabo in India.

What Makes Our Data Centers Reliable?

Redundant Power Supply

Uninterrupted power supply is key to keep your server up and running. That is why, in Contabo we've been investing in our own transformer stations, N+1 UPS and even diesel power generators.

Redundant Internet Connection

Server is only useful when it's reachable from the internet. To ensure that this is always the case we always install at least 2 independent fiber connections at each Data Center and we work with multiple carriers.

Redundant Cooling

Servers generate enormous amount of heat. Without constant cooling they would overheat momentarily. That why, our Data Centers are equipped with redundant (N+1) chillers and climate cabinets.

Physical Security

Server security starts with physical security of the Data Center. Each Data Center is equipped with CCTV and physical access control. This way we can prevent unauthorized access to any server.

Energy Efficiency

In our fight for the best price for you we don't forget about the environment. Wherever possible we use modern technologies such as Free Cooling or Groundwater Cooling to increase the energy efficiency. Less energy consumption = lower price!

People On The Ground

Somebody needs to keep an eye on all these servers, so we make sure there are people on the ground in each Data Center 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.

Speedtest by Ookla
Ping Contabo Data Centers

Contabo works with Speedtest by Ookla to provide reliable data transfer and latency testing to our Data Centers in all Regions. Please visit or use the CLI tool, then search for Contabo. Turn speed test to check your ping, download and upload speed to a chosen Data Center.

Retaining German Quality Worldwide

The Right People

The easiest way to ensure that the German Quality Contabo is known for is retained worldwide is to make sure that we have people on the ground in each Region who are detail-oriented and understand the importance of following our processes carefully each time.

Proprietary Standards & Know-How

We use the same server blueprint and rack layout in every Region. Also, our unique way of providing cooling to our servers with cooling aisle is essentially the same in all Data Centers we operate. We stay true to our German roots building everything by ourselves, not relying on external contractors.

Unified Hardware Platform

Servers and hardware components we use in all Data Centers are not only identical, but also coming from the same suppliers. But there’s more. The entire network hardware is the same as well. We use the same top of the rack switches and the same routers across all Data Centers. Even the shelves for servers are exactly the same. 

Our Data Centers in Numbers
2070 Gbit/s

Connected Uplinks


Servers running