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Contabo's high performance, but cheap, cloud infrastructure gives you more RAM, CPU, and traffic for less compared to other cloud hosting providers.
Database Hosting

Database Hosting for Those Who Know What They're Doing

Host your dream database in the cloud with full control and flexibility. Build the perfect blend of performance, security, scalability, and support at low prices.

Great Prices

Fully Customizable

Take charge of migration and customization to create the most cost-effective home for your database on award-winning Contabo servers. From the world's best-priced VPS to powerful Bare Metal options, leverage world-class Database Hosting for less.

Virtual Private Servers

🌍No Setup Fee
from €4.50 / month

Starts with 4 vCPU, 6 GB RAM, and 100 GB NVMe.

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Virtual Dedicated Servers

🌍No Setup Fee
from €34.39 / month

Up to 96 GB RAM and dedicated resources provisioned instantly.

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Dedicated Servers

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from €82.99 / month

Bare metal servers with individual configuration and full control.

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Minimum initial contract length:
1 month

Minimum following contract length:
Equal to the initial contract length

Minimum cancellation notice:
None (pre-paid) or 4 weeks (post-paid)

Hands-On Database Hosting for Everyone

Our servers are designed for users who know what they want from their Database Hosting. Whether you're launching a dynamic web application, optimizing the backend for a high-traffic e-commerce site, or conducting complex data analysis for business intelligence, Contabo provides a versatile platform that gives you complete control.

We understand that you know your requirements better than anyone. That's why we make sure you have extensive customization possibilities for the lowest possible prices. This means that you can do more for less with your Database Hosting.

Find out why Contabo stands out as the smart choice for your projects:
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Clear & Competitive Pricing

We keep our pricing low and simple, offering plans that fit your budget. With Contabo, you won't get locked into long-term deals and complicated contracts that don't suit you.

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Affordable Security

Your data is secured with strict role-based access controls and always-on DDoS mitigation. Plus, you can easily add the security measures of your choice at no extra cost.

Data Compliance

Keeping up with data laws can be a headache, but we make it easier. Our infrastructure is fully GDPR compliant, so you can be sure you're starting with a clean slate.

Backup & Recovery

Accidents happen, but it's simple to implement your own backup solutions across all our servers to make sure you're covered. You can also use our FTP backup or Object Storage options.

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Data Center Excellence

Our Data Centers are built to top German Quality standards, giving your data a world-class home at low prices. Most of our facilities hold internationally recognized ISO certifications.

Set caps on the amount of monthly data growth to make sure your next object storage bill won’t surprise you.
Performance & Scalability

We understand that your business needs room to grow. That's why you have the power to scale your Database Hosting as required, providing you with the speed and space you need.

High Uptime, Low Prices

We make sure your database stays up and running with solid uptime. Our commitment to reliability ensures that your business keeps running smoothly.


Our monitoring solutions give you an overview of your server's status at all times, with email and SMS notifications. You can also easily install the monitoring solution of your choice.

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Got a question or a problem? Our support team is on it. No more waiting on hold or digging through FAQs - Contabo gets you the answers and help you need, fast.

Build Your Database, Your Way

With full root access, you're in the driver's seat. Build your ideal server from the ground up and easily install the apps of your choice, including some of the most popular database solutions.

Relational Databases

A flexible open-source fork of MySQL. Ideal for those seeking advanced security without licensing complexities, but demands MySQL proficiency for optimal use.


Excels in enterprise settings with robust performance and seamless Microsoft integration. Relatively high costs pay off with the ability to handle resource-heavy applications.


Offers advanced features for complex data operations, suited for sophisticated data processing. It's resource-intensive, making it a consideration for larger projects.

Non-Relational Databases

Known for its flexible schema and scalability, and great for distributed data. However, it lags in transactional capabilities compared to relational databases.


This in-memory data store delivers fast operations and supports various data structures, though its memory intensity requires careful system design.


An alternative to Elasticsearch, powerful for analyzing large data volumes in real-time. A relatively high level of complexity may challenge some teams.

Additional Options

Want more than just a database? Customize your server with additional technologies, including NodeJS, Python, LAMP, LEMP, Object Storage, or anything you can think of. With Contabo, you get the power and affordability to create the server that suits your business.

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