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Choose from over 300 Domain Extensions

We offer generic domain extensions (gTLDs) like .com and .org as well as numerous new domain extensions (nTLDs) such as .online, .cloud or .email and all common country domain extensions (ccTLDs) like .de,, .fr or .it. You will find a complete overview of all domain extensions available at Contabo in the overview below.

Full Self-Service

Domains can be registered, transferred or updated using Customer Control Panel. Furthermore, you can manage domain handles and DNS records on your own free of charge. After the creation of a DNS zone, you can add and update all kind of common DNS entries such as A, AAAA MX, TXT, SRV or CNAME entries.

ExtensionMeaningCategoryPrice / month
.tel Telephone Generic (gTLD)
.biz Business Generic (gTLD)
.org Organisation Generic (gTLD)
.net Network Generic (gTLD)
.info Information Generic (gTLD)
.com Commercial Generic (gTLD)

Please note that we offer domains only to customers who have at least one other product with Contabo. All domain related features are available in the Contabo Customer Control Panel.