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Contabo's high performance, but cheap, cloud infrastructure gives you more RAM, CPU, and traffic for less compared to other cloud hosting providers.
eCommerce Hosting

Take Your eCommerce Site to New Heights on the Contabo Cloud

Craft the ideal eCommerce platform for your business needs. Experience speed, scalability, high uptime, complete control - and as a result, more satisfied customers.

Build the Ultimate Cloud Platform for Your Store

Your ambition deserves the perfect hosting match. Ensure your eCommerce site not only meets today's needs but is poised for tomorrow's growth. From simple startups to bustling online marketplaces, we cater to every scale and budget.
Cloud VDS S
Web Servers
Reduced Location Fees
39 / month

Optimize your web hosting with scalable virtual machines, ensuring smooth operation even during traffic surges. Ideal for maintaining high availability with at least two instances for redundancy.

Cloud VPS 2
Entry Nodes
Reduced Location Fees
50 / month

Implement instances capable of managing incoming traffic efficiently, essential for peak performance. Choose Starter or CPU Optimized for an optimal balance of performance and cost.

Storage VPS 3
Managing Databases
Reduced Location Fees
00 / month

VPS instances with high RAM and storage, suitable for both relational and non-relational databases. Add more instances to scale up as you grow.

Object Storage
Backup Storage
99 / month

Utilize Object Storage for comprehensive backup solutions, including data safeguarding, large media storage, and log management. Offers a dependable and scalable approach to data handling.

Cloud VPS 1
Monitoring and Logging Node
50 / month

Deploy instances dedicated to monitoring and logging for streamlined management and troubleshooting. Cost-effective and hassle-free, complete with NVMe storage for faster data transfer.

How to Set Up Your eCommerce Store with Contabo

Start selling in no time with these six simple steps:
Choose Your Domain Name

Go for a domain that's memorable and reflects your brand. It's the core of your online identity and first impression to potential customers, so make it unique and easy to remember.

Select Your Cloud Server

Pick a hosting package that suits your store's scale. Consider factors like speed, storage, and cost-effectiveness to ensure smooth operations for you and your customers at all times.

Install Your Platform of Choice

Opt for an eCommerce platform such as WordPress with WooCommerce, Magento, or PrestaShop. These tools provide the framework for listing products, managing inventory, and processing orders.

Integrate Payment Options

Enable various payment methods to accommodate all customers. This includes credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and other digital payment solutions to make things simple and flexible.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Create a comprehensive marketing plan covering SEO, social media, and email to attract and retain customers. Make sure your brand rises above the noise and connects with your target market.

Start Selling

With everything set up, you're ready to launch your store to the public! Focus on providing excellent customer service and continually optimizing your offerings. We're with you every step of the way!

What Makes Contabo the Best Host for Your eCommerce Site?

Here are a few ways we provide the power and affordability your store needs to suceed:
Icon for pricing
Cost-Effective Plans

Enjoy affordable hosting that balances price with performance. Get exceptional value, ensuring your online store runs smoothly without breaking the bank.

Icon for configuration
Customization & Control

Take complete control of your hosting environment. Tailor settings to match your website's needs, boosting performance and customer satisfaction.

Provision any cloud server in minutes through the Contabo API or CLI.
Rapid Page Load Times

Speed is key for retaining visitors and converting them into customers. Benefit from cloud hosting that enables fast loading times, enhancing user experience.

Set caps on the amount of monthly data growth to make sure your next object storage bill won’t surprise you.
Flexible & Scalable

Grow your cloud alongside your business. Adjust resources as your store expands, ensuring your website can handle increased traffic and sales effortlessly.

GDPR Compliance

Data protection is a priority, with GDPR-compliant hosting that secures customer information. Build trust and ensure your site meets data privacy standards.

You decide where you want your data stored in any of Contabo's Regions, and you can move your files with our API.
Global Availability

Serve a global market with ease. Set up your site for optimal performance worldwide, providing a seamless experience for international customers.

Popular Apps for your eCommerce Store

Easily install the eCommerce apps of your choice, such as the popular options below, or build your ideal platform according to your business needs.
Magento / Adobe Commerce

Our Best Features to Support Your Store

Enhance your eCommerce site with these key features:
Monitoring & Backup

Easily implement your own backup solutions, or use our FTP backup or Object Storage. Choose real-time monitoring to stay in the know.

The Contabo API makes it easy to manage all of your cloud hosting resources via HTTP requests.
API & CLI Integration

Automate and manage your store efficiently with our API and CLI tools. Keep things simple with seamless management and scalability.

Icon for cloud-init
Custom Cloud-init Images

Deploy your server quickly using custom images and cloud-init for a personalized environment. Allow for easy scaling and testing.

Contabo's private networking lets you create robust virtual private clouds with unlimited, secure, and isolated traffic in Cloud VPS, Cloud VDS, and Storage VPS.
Private Networking

Enhance security and performance with private connection between services, keeping data safe and operations smooth.

8 Regions, 11 Locations, Global Availability

Choose the perfect location for your store, ensuring low latency and optimal performance for your target market.
Contabo Support

First-class Customer Support

A Premium Support Experience for every customer is one of our cornerstones at Contabo. 64 highly-trained support specialists are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Don't take our word for it! The quality of our support has been recognized year after year by experts from CHIP Hotline Test, the gold standard for customer support testing in Germany. Thousands of customers mention support in their 5-star reviews of Contabo.

Learn more about the Contabo Support Experience.

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Don't Take Our Word For It

"With the Contabo Linux Cluster we have achieved a 99.99% availability in our SaaS last year, and thanks to the excellent service of Contabo, we can expand the capacity of the cluster in just a few hours, according to the growth of our business. "

Jorge Antonio Quirós Ramírez, Costa Rica