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Our servers

The core of our business - the servers

With our large and rapidly growing product range of dedicated servers one thing remains constant throughout: No compromise on quality for our customers. Reliable and fast servers are the heart of our hosting operation.

An important factor in the reliability and security of our systems is the choice of hardware. With other providers price considerations sometimes take precedence, meaning they rely on products that may be unsuitable for servers. Our servers however are always made out of high-quality and expensive components.

So that our hardware always meets these high quality standards we rely solely for example, on RAM manufactured by Samsung or Kingston. Samsung and Kingston are known for their high-quality and error-free performance. And we certainly won't purchase from another manufacturer to obtain a lower price and risk compromising security and reliability.

We take particular care to ensure that we meet our customers' individual requirements. Custom-made solutions are not suitable for everyone. Such a complex range of server applications often requires a wide variety of configurations and priorities in terms of hardware. For this reason we almost always assemble our customers' servers ourselves. This allows us to verify that all components work perfectly together – from the case, right up to the DVD drive – and that the system is always perfectly matched to our customers' needs.

Should it occasionally become necessary to replace a component in the data center on the customer's request or in the case of very rare hardware problems, that's no problem at all. Contabo has every conceivable part at least twofold and threefold in stock at its own spare parts warehouse as well as directly on site at the data center, which means that downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum for our customers.

Contabo proudly presents: Our Dedicated Server Dual Xeon

The photo below (on the footer of this page) shows our current server flagship, the Dedicated Server Dual Xeon. This server is - just like every other server at Contabo.com - assembled by Contabo exclusively, both in its tower and rack server version. The server is equipped with two high-class Intel-CPUs from the Xeon architecture with a total of 12 CPU cores at 2,1 Ghz each. We also have not been stingy with the RAM of this machine, which is why eight 16-GB-DDR3 REG ECC-DIMMS of the leading manufacturer Kingston are installed in this server. In order to to fulfill our customers' different requirements, we decided to not equip the server with pre-specified hard disks, but to give our customers the choice to equip each Dual Xeon server with any desired combination of SSDs and HDDs. Only power supplies which have been awarded with the 80 Plus logo, better yet the 80 Plus Bronze or Silver logo, are used for our servers including the Dedicated Server Dual Xeon. The high efficiency of such power supplies saves energy. On the one hand, our customers profit from the resulting savings, which are used to lower the monthly fee. On the other hand, these power supplies contribute to the protection of the environment. The case and the installed fans have been optimized for the cold/warm corridor concept of our data centers: powerful 120 mm fans suck in cold air from the front of the case and blow it out on the rear, to the warm corridor. The front side of the case is designed to maximize the amount of cold air and therefore achieve the best cooling result. The cabling has been designed so that all components are cooled. The hardware, especially the hard disks, therefore operates under ideal temperatures – all the time.


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