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Price reduction for Contabo rootservers

On time for the beginning of summer we make the prices spiral down with the intention to enable everyone a cheap and attractive entry (or upgrade) into the world of Dedicated Servers. Therefore we reduce the monthly price of our three cheapest servers again for another 10 Euro.

Precisely the following entry level servers benefit from the price reduction:

Dedicated Server Quad:
Intel Core 2 Quad with 4 x 2,4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 800 GB HDD, 100 Mbit/s-Port
Price: 39,99 EUR / month (instead of 49,99 EUR)!

Dedicated Server Core i7:
Intel Core i7 with 4 x 2,66 GHz, 12 GB RAM, 2 x 1000GB HDD, 100 Mbit/s-Port
Price: 49,99 EUR / month (instead of 59,99 EUR)!

Dedicated Server 6-Core:
Intel Core i7 with 6 x 3,2 GHz, 24 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD and 2000 GB HDD, 100 Mbit/s-Port
Price: 59,99 EUR / month (instead of 69,99 EUR)

Every Dedicated Server can be ordered with a minimum contract length of just one month! In addition, we offer attractive discounts of up to one monthly fee, depending on your selected contract length.

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