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New DC uplinks: AMS-IX and CenturyLink

We have enhanced our data center connectivity with two additional 10 Gbit/s uplinks.

One of the new uplinks connects Contabo with one of the biggest internet exchange hubs across the globe, namely the AMX-IS in Amsterdam. At this internet exchange point, Contabo gets access to the networks of hundreds of other internet service providers in the world. Thanks to our uplink to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt and, from now on, the AMS-IX uplink in Amsterdam, an even faster and more direct exchange of data is possible. Specifically between servers in Contabo’s data center and servers, respectively users in other network areas of the internet.

The second uplink increases our connection to the carrier CenturyLink – up to now better known as Level3 – to a total of 40 Gbit/s.

Contabo’s data centers are currently connected to the Internet with 120 Gbit/s. In the future, we will continuously increase the number of uplinks and connected carriers.