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If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support department, which is available 365 days a year, also on holidays or on the weekend, at least from 8 am to 11 pm (UTC+1).

You can reach us via e-mail or telephone (land line, no automated waiting loops)

+49 89 3564717 70

[email protected]

General questions

What happened with Giga-International.com?
At the beginning of 2013 we replaced our company name "Giga-International" with "Contabo" which is not only considerably shorter, but at the same time even more catchy. The new company name Contabo GmbH is nothing but a continuance of our previous company name. The company as a legal entity remained likewise unchanged as the partners and owners, the staff and - above all - the top quality service level to the benefit of our customers. Since that time we are available for our german customers under Contabo.de and for our international clients by using Contabo.com.

Where do I get my access data?
Placing an order and sending the initial payment are the basic requirements to start the setup process. As soon as we receive your order and initial payment, we will start processing your order. You will receive your access authorization from us by e-mail immediately after the order processing and completion of your account. This e-mail is sent only to the e-mail address which you have registered during the order process. We recommend also to monitor your spam folder to see whether you have received said e-mail; in some cases it might arrive there. Viewing the Order status you can check the current progress of your order anytime.

What payment options are there?
We accept payments by bank transfer, PayPal, and Skrill. You can use your credit card with either PayPal or Skrill. The first payment after you have submitted your order on our website has to be done manually by you. Please just use the payment information provided to you after the order process. Once you have your login data available, you can send your payments very comfortably anytime using our Contabo customer control panel.

How long does setup & domain order take?
We usually set up a Webspace Package, VPS, or Virtual Dedicated Server just within a few hours, but in rare cases it can take up to a day. Since the setup of a Dedicated Server is considerably more complex, the full preparation, installation and configuration can take one to three days. When choosing the "Instant Setup" Add-On for any server, all work is done within 12 hours only. Prerequisite to start the setup is the receipt of your initial payment. Domain registrations are done immediately in general, but it can take up to 24 hours until the DNS is propagated globally and the domain is ready for use in the Internet. A domain transfer can take up to seven days, depending on the top-level domain (TLD).

When do I have to pay and what happens if I fall into arrears?
All services provided by us have a specific renewal date, depending on the contract period and the date you have ordered the service. As an existing customer you have access to the Contabo customer control panel, where you can check upcoming renewal dates anytime. In addition, we send automated reminders several days before such a renewal date. It is most important that your payments arrive before the renewal. Missing payments lead to a temporary suspension of services. Should you fail to contact us regarding a server for which payment is not covered, data loss cannot be ruled out. Do not send your payments at the last moment, take care of it some days earlier.

Can I order additional domains for my package/server?
Yes, you can. This is easy and can be done at any time. Please order additional domains in the section "Register/transfer-in domain" under the menu item "Domains" in your Contabo customer control panel. Also, you can read further information regarding the order process.

I have received an e-mail asking for a payment, but I am sure I have already paid.
Urgent action is required! To do nothing is not an option. Don't waste time and check your finances immediately in the Contabo customer control panel. In the menu item "Payment information" you will find all relevant details. The text "General information on our billing and payment system" explains how our billing works. At least you should read this text, check the balance of your customer account, and check the due dates and prices of your services. If your balance is negative or will become negative soon, please recharge your account without delay. Our payment reminders always make sense. It might be that you have received a payment reminder because you have sent a payment that we could not assign to you properly due to missing information. A missing cancelation might also be the reason for the notification. If you still do not understand our payment reminder after you have checked all the details, please send an e-mail to [email protected] asking for advice. We will help you for sure!

Where do I find my invoices?
At the beginning of every month we create your monthly invoice, which you can view and download in the menu item "Payment information" of your Contabo customer control panel. There you can download all invoices - new and all old invoices. Irrespective of payments sent in advance, we are obligated to provide invoices for the services rendered. Invoices are a confirmation for your accounting that certain services have been used for a certain period. Usually, you have already paid in advance for an invoice. To find out whether a payment is required, please check your balance and the due dates of your services in the Contabo customer control panel. If you meanwhile received payment reminders, keep on reading this additional information. In this case a quick payment most likely is needed.

I want to transfer a domain to Contabo
Transferring a domain to us is child's play. Simply order the domain which is to be transferred in the section "Register/transfer-in domain" under the menu item "Domains" in your Contabo customer control panel. During the order process you will be requested to insert the "auth code". The "auth code" is an authorization code also known as EPP key, EPP code, domain key, or auth info; it is uniquely assigned to a domain. Please contact your domain provider to receive the auth code. We require the auth code to start the transfer; without it a transfer is not possible.

Where can I close the account?
You can cancel all of your services in your Contabo customer control panel. Using the „Manage“ button in the menu item „Your services“ you can schedule the termination of any service that you do not longer want to use.

I am interested in more details about the Contabo data centers
Contabo operates several high-performance data centers in Europe and North America for its customers. Further details about our data centers and excellent network connection can be found on our website.

I want to contact the bookkeeping department directly
Please feel free to contact our bookkeeping department directly via the e-mail address [email protected].

How long is the support staffed per day?
Our support experts are available via phone at least from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. (CET) every day - also on public holidays as well as on sundays. Furthermore you can contact us at anytime via our support e-mail address [email protected].

How can I check the current status of your data centers or whether there are service interruptions?
You can inform yourself about the current status of our data centers on the website http://www.contabo-status.com . We are working hard to avoid any kind of interruptions and to ensure that you do not have to face any issues. Should there, however, be some interference in one of our data centers, we will be posting updates about the current status/progress on the aforementioned website.

I want to buy a signed SSL certificate
We can offer a signed SSL certificate at a price of 74.99 EUR or a wildcard SSL certificate (includes all subdomains as well) at a price of 224.99 EUR. Please keep in mind that the signature of each SSL certificate is always valid for 12 months, this time period will not be automatically extended. You can order an SSL certificate together with your desired product on our website, or you can order it separately at a later date via e-mail.

I cannot transfer my domain to Contabo, but I want to use your DNS servers
If you would like to use domains from third party providers, you can register an unlimited number of DNS entries on our name servers free of charge. You can easily create DNS entries in the Contabo customer control panel under the menu item "DNS Zone Management". After the creation of the accordant DNS zone and once our name servers are assigned to your domain at your current domain provider, you can administer your domain in a very comfortable and secure way. Only the current domain provider is able to change the assigned name servers. Thus, you will have to contact the domain provider directly, or alternatively use an administration panel from your domain provider if available.

I want to recommend your products, do I get money for successful promotions?
Yes, for this reason we have started our affiliate program, for more details please have a look at our affiliate site here.

How can I order a new domain?
You can order the domain of your choice at any time in the section "Register/transfer-in domain" under the menu item "Domains" in your Contabo customer control panel. There, you can find an up-to-date domain list with the corresponding prices and contract periods by clicking the button "Price list".

After entering your domain name (Second Level Domain) in the destined field directly under the heading "Register/transfer-in domain", selecting the domain extension (Top Level Domain) from the drop-down menu, and confirming with the button "Order domain", just follow the instructions. We will gradually guide you to the target and keep you posted during the whole process. The order process is self-explanatory and easy. Should you have questions anyway, please send us a short e-mail. We would be pleased to support you in any situation.

How can I order a new product as an existing client?
If you already are one of our customers, please also place your order on our website Contabo.com. After choosing a category from the product menu, you can start the order process with any of the "Customize & order" buttons and continue with "Order now" after the product specification. On the next site, you will be requested to enter your customer data amongst others. Choose the option "Existing Customer". You will find this option on the left in the section "Your data". Now, you only need to enter your contact e-mail address which is stored in our data base, and you should also tick the box "Allow Contabo to use available funds of your existing customer account for this order" - we explicitly recommend to tick the box as it can significantly improve the order process. Complete the order with the buttons "Review and submit order" and "Order bindingly".

How do I order upgrades for existing products?
You can order upgrades for existing products at any time. Just send an e-mail to [email protected]. We will be pleased to give you advice and help you realizing your plans.

Does my server or webspace at Contabo come with a DDoS Protection?
Yes. All servers and webspace packages in our datacenters are provided with a DDoS Protection by default. Our customers don't have to take any actions in order to benefit from it - the Contabo DDoS Protection is activated for all of our customers automatically and free of charge. We work continuously on further improving so our protection system can repel many different attacks. However, like any other DDoS protection, our protection system cannot provide a guarantee that any DDoS attack imaginable will be repelled. More information about our DDoS Protection can be found here.

Questions regarding the 2-factor authentication for the Contabo customer control panel

What is a 2-factor authentication?
An active 2-factor authentication makes the access to your customer control panel much more secure since not only your personal password is required to log in but a second one-time password in addition. This one-time password is dynamically created by an app installed on your smartphone. Therefore, access to your customer control panel is bound to your smartphone directly and thus possible only with it. There are several smartphone apps available to handle such one-time passwords like: Google Authenticator (Android and iOS), FreeOTP (Android and iOS) and Authenticator+ (Windows Phone).

Can I activate a 2-factor authentication for my Contabo customer control panel?
Yes, you can. You can activate the 2-factor authentication in the menu item "Customer details" of your Contabo customer control panel. During the setup process you receive a recovery code and have to verify your address and telephone number.

What is the recovery code? Where should I store the recovery code?
With the help of the recovery code you can regain access to the Contabo customer control panel in case you lose your smartphone. The recovery code replaces the one-time password generated by the authenticator app on your smartphone. If you stored the recovery code on your smartphone and lost it, you would lose both options - the one-time password app and the recovery code. For this reason, never store the recovery code on your smartphone directly but somewhere else instead.

Why do I have to verify my address and telephone number?
Should you lose access to the Contabo customer control panel because of missing smartphone and recovery code, we can re-establish access only with correct address and telephone information.

The one-time password generated on my smartphone does not work. I cannot log in to the Contabo customer control panel with activated 2-factor authentication. What should I do?
Contabo operates two websites. The customer areas are separated. Please make sure you are on the correct site - my.contabo.com or my.contabo.de. You have to enter your personal password and in addition the one-time password from the app of your smartphone. Take care not to mix up the two passwords. You can recognize which password to enter looking carefully at the descriptive words "Password" and "One-time password". Pay attention really to enter the one-time password for the Contabo customer control panel created by your authenticator app and not a one-time password for any other access. The one-time passwords generated on your smartphone are valid only for some seconds. If the current one-time password is about to become invalid, wait some time and use the next one. If access is still not possible even considering all these advices, please send us an e-mail including a screenshot of the error message.

How can I move the 2-factor authentication for my Contabo customer control panel to my new smartphone?
Using the button "Reset 2-factor authentication" in the menu item "Customer details" of your Contabo customer control panel you can move the 2-factor authentication to your new smartphone. You can see this button only when the 2-factor authentication is active already. In order to be able to log in with a valid one-time password you still need your old smartphone.

I lost my smartphone and cannot log in to my Contabo customer control panel.
If you lost your smartphone and thus did not get a valid one-time password, you would have to use the recovery code instead of the one-time password. This way you regain access to the Contabo customer control panel, and the 2-factor authentication will be deactivated at the same time. You can reactivate the 2-factor authentication on another smartphone later on anytime.

I do not have my smartphone handy. Can I use another smartphone?
No, that is not possible. You need the exact smartphone which you have used for the activation of the 2-factor authentication. Please also read the information regarding the approach when you have lost your smartphone.

I lost my smartphone and the recovery code. What can I do?
Please send us an e-mail informing us of your situation.

My access to the Contabo customer control panel is locked. What can I do?
Please send us an e-mail including a screenshot of the error message.

I used my recovery code, and thus it became invalid. How do I get a new recovery code?
After using the recovery code it becomes invalid and the 2-factor authentication is deactivated at the same time. You can reactivate the 2-factor authentication on another smartphone anytime in the menu item "Customer details" of your Contabo customer control panel. During the setup process you receive a new recovery code.

Can I deactivate the 2-factor authentication for my Contabo customer control panel?
Yes, you can. Using the button "Deactivate 2-factor authentication" in the menu item "Customer details" of your Contabo customer control panel you can switch off the 2-factor authentication at any time.

Webhosting Package-specific questions

How do I order options (additional web space etc.)?
You can order additional web space, more databases, e-mail addresses etc. by e-mail. For initial registration this may also be carried out using the order form, of course.

Can I change the package?
Yes, you can. An upgrade to a bigger Webspace Package is possible at any time. Since Webspace Packages have a contract period of 12 months, it is required to settle the price difference until the end of the contract, but only full months are considered. In the case of a downgrade to a smaller Webspace Package, however, we cannot refund the price difference for the current billing cycle. The lower price becomes applicable starting from the next billing cycle. To request an upgrade or downgrade, simply contact our support department. We will provide you with all necessary information.

How do I create a new e-mail account?
If you would like to create an individual e-mail address for your domain (such as [email protected]), please take a look at our tutorials.

Can I install Teamspeak Server or other software on my package web space?
Root access to the server is required in order to install additional software that is not yet available via our panel. For security reasons we cannot provide this for packages - only for dedicated servers or VPS products. If you order your own server of course, you have a free hand to install any software you like.

How much do I have to pay for the traffic?
The traffic is unlimited, so you don't need to care about how much traffic you use every month.

Is it possible to backup my files automatically at your backup server?
Sure, for this reason we offer the '100% Auto-Backup' upgrade.
This upgrade will provide regular backups for your entire webspace package (also databases, configuration settings, etc.) on the exclusive backup server in our data center which is equipped with several hard disks in an expensive RAID 6 array.
With this upgrade, there will be regular backups of your entire webspace package, not only for one state of time, but for three: There will be a daily, a weekly and a monthly backup.
If you want to access one of these backup states, just contact our support team and we will take care of the rest!

With which administration panel can I control my webspace package?
You can administrate your webspace package via the very professional and state-of-the-art web administration tool 'cPanel'.

I need individual software support. Can you please help me?
Our technical experts will be happy to support you with your individual software issues (like the installation of special PHP-scripts, database administration, etc.). This 'remote-hand' service by our IT professionals costs 25 EUR per beginning of each 15 minutes.

Server-specific questions

Can I order additional drives and RAM for my server?
Yes, that's no problem in general, but the availability depends on the product type. All of our Dedicated Servers can be equipped with additional drives, and some can support additional RAM, but not all. Extra RAM is not available for Virtual Dedicated Servers, but drives can be ordered. VPS unfortunately cannot be customized at all. After choosing a category from the top product menu, you can start the order process with any of the "Customize & order" buttons. Clicking the button will take you to the product configurator, where you can see and order the available Add-Ons. By contacting our support team, you can also order Add-Ons for existing servers later on.

Can I do Flash FXP-Server-to-Server-Transfers with my server at Contabo?
You have full root-access on all of our servers, therefore you can disable or enable FXP.

How can I control my VPS / Virtual Dedicated Server / Dedicated Server?
You get full root access (for Linux) or full administrator access (for Windows) to your server. Therefore of course you can install any software you want on your server.
For Linux remote access, please let us recommend the SSH client 'putty' - Windows server can be controlled via the 'Remote Desktop' client.
Additionally, every VPS and Virtual Dedicated Server can be controlled via VNC by default.
Futhermore, there are a lot of options in the Contabo customer control panel for your server. For example, to reboot your server - even if it is not accessible anymore - or perform a complete reinstallation of your server with one of several operating systems.

Can I order additional IP addresses for my VPS / Virtual Dedicated Server / Dedicated Server?
It is possible to order up to 5 additional IPv4 addresses per VPS, up to 15 additional IPv4 addresses per Virtual Dedicated Server and up to 25 additional IPv4 addresses per Dedicated Server. The monthly price is 3.00 EUR for each IP address. For new servers you can order additional IP addresses in the product configurator on our website, or later on by contacting our support team by e-mail.

How much traffic is included?
The traffic is unlimited, so you don't need to care about how much traffic you use every month. There are no hidden extra costs for traffic. We do not oversubscribe our bandwidth capacities unlike many other providers. Thus, generally the full port speed is provided to you anytime.
We would have to limit the bandwidth only if the usage would be permanently much too high. For more details, please have a look at the specific terms of our offers.

I need more bandwidth than included by default, do you offer individual bandwidth upgrades?
We can also provide dedicated bandwidth with unlimited traffic in predefined packages. These packages can be selected during the order process or at any later point in time via e-mail. With one of these packages you will exclusively have the selected bandwidth value available at any time. Dedicated bandwidth is available for Virtual Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers, but not for VPS.

Can I upgrade my server to a higher plan?
Yes, this is possible at any time, even during the contract period. With a short contract period the proven approach and general process is: Order the desired server model, send the initial payment, after the allocation transfer your server data from the "old" server to the new server, then cancel your 'old' server in the Contabo customer control panel. As a result you will keep the new server only, and the upgrade would be accomplished. With a long contract do not proceed as mentioned before but get in touch with us instead, providing us with the information on the server that you wish to be upgraded and the server model that you desire. We will then check your request and provide you with all necessary information.

Are there any restrictions regarding the content or the software installations on my VPS / Virtual Dedicated Server / Dedicated Server?
In general, our servers are unmanaged root servers. Our customers have exclusive access to their servers. Provided that there are no violations against German law or our ToS (Terms of Service) we do not check what you are using your server for.

Is it possible to order backup space, so that I can back up my data somewhere else?
Sure! We offer various 'Backup-Space' upgrades in different sizes which can be ordered either directly with your server or later by e-mail. With such an upgrade you can easily back up your data via FTP(S) on one of our high-end RAID 6 backup servers. Our tutorial on the backup space explains the handling.

I want to request a server reboot
You can perform reboots of your servers for free anytime with just a few clicks. To do so, please log in to the Contabo customer control panel and click on "Server control" in the menu on the left if you want to reboot a Dedicated Server. In case a VPS is concerned, please click on "VPS control" instead. Reboots of Virtual Dedicated Servers can be initiated in „VDS control“.

Which operating systems are available for my VPS / Virtual Dedicated Server / Dedicated Server?
During your order, you can choose between various Linux distributions (Cent OS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora und openSUSE) as well as order one of our Windows Server upgrades.

I need an individual operating system installation with specific parameters
That is no problem, please just send us the details via e-mail to [email protected], and we will be happy to offer you the price for an individual operating system installation by our technical experts.

Please reinstall the operating system
You can perform reinstallations or boot a rescue system anytime for free. Please just log in to your Contabo customer control panel and select "Your services" in the menu on the left. Then click on the "Manage" button next to the server and start the reinstallation there. Keep in mind the data loss which is caused by the process.

Is it possible to order an administration web panel for my VPS / Virtual Dedicated Server / Dedicated Server?
Sure! We offer the following web administration panels:
- cPanel/WHM
- Plesk (various feature packs and versions available, also available for Windows)
- Webmin
Our comparison of administration panels gives some more information and could possibly help you to take a decision.

I need individual software support. Can you please help me?
Our technical experts will be happy to support you with your individual software issues (like the installation of special software or scripts, database administration, etc.). This 'remote-hand' service by our IT professionals costs 25 EUR per beginning of each 15 minutes.

Is it possible to let you manage/administrate the server?
Yes, therefore we offer you our 'Managed Server' upgrade.
This upgrade turns your root server into a managed server: Our technicians take care of the security, the upgrades and - as far as possible - the stability of the server system. Furthermore you can make use of our extended customer support whenever you need it. With the Managed Server, it is up to you: After ordering this upgrade, you simply inform us about the technical tasks you would like us to perform, the ones that need to be done once and the ones to be carried out monthly. Our team of expert technicians will then implement your requirements. The price of this upgrade includes two full hours of technical support per month. Should one of your tasks take longer, we will contact you immediately. Then you can decide if it should be billed separately or its scope should be limited, for example. Please find below a list of sample server management tasks you can assign to our technicians upon ordering this upgrade:
- System and hardware optimization
- Software installation and configuration
- Implementing security patches Kernel upgrades
- Emergency problem resolution
- Ongoing OS and control panel updates
- Setting up a backup routine
All common Linux and Windows Operating systems are supported.

Is there a monitoring option available for my server?
Yes, such option is available. For this purpose we offer our 'Full Monitoring' upgrade. This upgrade provides you with an individual login area with various monitoring features (and, if you wish, automatic alert messages) for your server. To get an idea of all features, see our Full Monitoring tutorial.

I want to control my Dedicated Server via a KVM over IP device and/or I want to use a special DVD
Both is possible - permanent as well as temporary for 24 hours. Either you can order the permanent KVM upgrade with your online order or you can order the permanent KVM upgrade as well as the temporary KVM upgrade via our e-mail support.

When are the business hours of your standard support? Is there a special support upgrade available?
Our highly qualified staff can be contacted on 365 days per year (-> also on Sundays and public holidays) at least from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. (CET) via phone or at anytime via e-mail.
Furthermore you can order our 'Emergency Support' upgrade:
You need reaction times within few minutes if problems arise - no matter if during the day, at night, or even on weekends and holidays?
Then, the high-quality upgrade 'Emergency Support' is the right choice for you. It includes:
- Guaranteed reaction and solving attempt (within the normal remote hands costs) within max. 60 minutes, at any day or night time (in case of an emergency at night time a special phone number is provided). Also on weekends and holidays.
- preferred treatment in comparison to other requests in the waiting queue
- can be used for up to five servers
Every customer is king with us, even without this upgrade. With this upgrade, you are emperor.

I´m connected to my VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server via VNC - but all I see is a black screen
If you see a black screen initially, that is correct, just click into the VNC window and press enter. Your operating system will then respond with the login screen.

I´m trying to log in to my VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server via VNC and I´m using the correct password, however the login procedure fails
If you have problems logging in with your regular password, that might be due to your keyboard layout, the Y and Z keys may be inverted. In this case, you have to hit the z key when you want to type a y and vice versa.
You can easily test your keyboard settings if you type the password into the user name input field (do not press enter), watch what happens then and compare the password with the result of your entry. If you, for example, enter zzz on you keyboard as username, you see that VNC interprets that as yyy.

Is it possible to host my servers in different regions?
Yes, this is possible. We currently offer a choice of European Union (Germany) and United States (Missouri) for many of our products. If available, you can select the region from the product configurator during the order process.

What is the difference between “HDD + SSD-boost” and “100% SSD”?
When you opt for a VPS from our series “HDD + SSD-boost” you get a virtual server with a standard hard-disk (HDD) and an additional SSD-boost. Consequently, you receive a lot of disk-space for your data and at the same time the SSD-boost ensures that your VPS has a strong I/O performance. Compared to ordinary VPS without SSD-boost, our servers offer you a much quicker access to your data.
In our new series “100% SSD” we only use the latest solid state drives (SSDs), which are much faster than standard hard-disks (HDDs). As a result, the performance of your VPS increases significantly since all your data is stored on SSDs only and can be handled with a much better read-write speed.

How do snapshots from the VPS series “100% SSD” work?
Our new VPS-SSD series offers you the possibility to create so-called “snapshots” of your system. This means that the current state of your system is saved and stored. This is a useful tool which allows you to run risk-free updates of apps or install new software on your system. In case you encounter any issues afterwards, you can easily “rollback” your system to its previous state. You can perform a snapshot yourself through your Contabo customer control panel by clicking the “Create snapshot” button. If you want to reset your system at a later point in time, simply click the “Rollback”-icon. You can find more information in our tutorial Snapshot feature for the new VPS SSD.

Is a snapshot the same as a system backup?
No, when you create a backup you can then restore single files or folders. A snapshot allows you to restore the entire system only. It is especially useful to generate a snapshot in case you like to try out new applications. Whenever you encounter issues, you can simply reset your system to its previous state with just one mouse-click.

Can I create snapshots at will and save them forever?
Depending on your VPS-SSD model, you may save between one and four snapshots at the same time. Please note that a snapshot will be deleted automatically after 30 days. You can see the date of its creation as well as the date of its auto-deletion in your Customer Control Panel when you click the snapshot-icon.
Regarding the rollback, please keep in mind: If you have, for example, saved three snapshots and you select to restore the system status from the middle snapshot (chronologically speaking), the most recent snapshot will be deleted automatically. You cannot return to that snapshot afterwards. Only the oldest one is then still available.

Is the new snapshot function available for all VPS?
No, this new function is only available for our VPS of the series “100% SSD”. If you purchase (or own) a VPS of the series “HDD + SSD-Boost” you can create your own backups. For that we do offer you the option to rent additional disk-space on our specific backup servers.

I am a VPS customer of yours already. Can I move with all of my data to one of your fast VPS-SSD?
No, due to their different architecture the two VPS-series are incompatible. You can only upgrade with a confirmed “loss of data”, which means that all your applications will have to be installed again by yourself on your new SSD VPS.
The same applies in case you want to move from a SSD VPS to one of our VPS with HDD and SSD-boost.

The VPS-SSD are more expensive and have less storage space. Does it make sense for me to rent one of those or even to move to a SSD VPS from my existing VPS?
Compared to standard hard-disks (HDDs), SSD disks are currently much more expensive. We have tightly calculated the best possible price for you.
It is up to you to consider your needs: If you either require a lot of disk space or if you focus on quick access time because you operate databases and applications that process many read and write tasks per second.

Generally speaking: SSD disks are superior to standard hard-disks with regard to their speed and longevity. After all these flash-disks do not contain any mechanical or movable components which could break down. By the way: Their price decreases over time – and we always forward lower prices to our valued customers.

I do not remember my server password or want to change a server password
There are various reasons which make it necessary to change an existing server password or create a new one. That is why we provide a task in the Contabo customer control panel, which you can use to create a new password only for the user "root" (Linux) or "Administrator" (Windows). The task "Password reset" is available for Dedicated Servers in the "Server control", for Virtual Dedicated Servers in the "VDS control", and for VPS in the "VPS control" after hovering the pointer over the "Manage" button. Passwords for user accounts with different user names cannot be changed this way. In such a case you find instructions in our tutorial How to reset root/Administrator password in Linux/Windows. With the explanation given there you basically can change passwords of any user account.

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)? What is the difference between Virtual Private Server (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), and Dedicated Server?
In order to give you an idea on what a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is, let‘s start with a rough explanation on VPS and Dedicated Servers. In terms of software usage, you will not recognize a difference; you have full root access to both VPS and Dedicated Servers. The difference is in the usage of hardware resources.
VPS are maintained in a shared, virtualized environment, which means multiple VPS run on one host server system and share CPU cores and RAM, for example. The access to CPU cores and RAM is guaranteed, but sharing the hardware components between the multiple VPS still introduces a latency of only milliseconds in some situations and means that there could be some impact of one VPS over another. In Contabo we work hard to minimize this „noisy neighbors“ effect, but it‘s never fully possible. This has no visible impact on most applications, but, for example, game servers, VoIP servers, or low-latency trading applications can have suboptimal performance on VPS.
With a Dedicated Server you get a physical machine with all hardware components dedicated only to your applications. All the hardware components wait and are ready to run only your server processes, there is no sharing in any way. There is no virtualization and thus all hardware components respond immediately and can interact with each other without the loss of milliseconds. Because of the components‘ capability to interact with each other directly, a Dedicated Server is superior to VPS when it comes to the usage of real-time sensitive applications which need quick CPU and RAM response times. You can use Dedicated Servers to run your own virtual machines, while nested virtualization is not possible on VPS.
So, and now what about VDS? Virtual Dedicated Servers bring together advantages of Dedicated Servers and VPS. By means of virtualization multiple VDS exist on a host server system the same way as VPS, but each Virtual Dedicated Server has its own dedicated hardware resources, so computing power ready to be used only for your own applications without sharing between different VDS. Because of this, VDS can be fully used for any kind of virtualization projects and support real-time sensitive applications perfectly. Moreover, VDS come with additional VNC access and can be provided as quickly as VPS. Not worth mentioning it, but you, of course, have full root access to a VDS, too.

How can I switch from my existing product to a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)?
Generally speaking, it is possible to switch from any other product to one of our VDS. The proven approach and general process is: Order the VDS model, send the initial payment, after the allocation transfer your data from the "old" product to the new VDS, then cancel your "old" product in the Contabo customer control panel. As a result you will keep the new VDS only, and the change would be accomplished. If this approach is not feasible for you for whatever reason, get in touch with us instead, providing us with the information on the product that you wish to be replaced and the VDS model that you desire. We will do our utmost to find a working solution for you then.

Can I get a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) with customized settings? Can I get extra hard drives?
We do not offer a customization of the core components of our Virtual Dedicated Servers, but it is possible to expand storage space by ordering extra SSDs. Two extra drives can be ordered in addition to the storage space already included in the VDS offer. So, we recommend to see, compare, and choose the VDS model which suits your performance needs best. Clicking the button "Customize & Order" takes you to the product configurator, where you can select additional SSDs. If you already own a VDS and require additional drives, just contact us and let us know.

I have a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) but cannot create virtual machines with Hyper-V. What can I do?
Virtual Dedicated Servers have its own dedicated hardware resources and support nested virtualization, so you can install your own virtual machines on VDS. This is true for VDS with both Linux and Windows operating systems. On VDS with Windows as operating system there is a common issue with Hyper-V, which prevents the creation and usage of virtual machines. This is known to Microsoft already, but a Microsoft fix most likely will take very long; too long to wait for. As an alternative, we have figured out VMware Workstation Player as virtualization software, which we have tested and confirmed working. If that does not help or you still need advice, contact us and tell us about.

My Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) shows double CPU cores
On modern CPU types there is an option to parallelize computations by means of addressing two logical CPU cores for each physical CPU core. This process is called simultaneous multithreading (SMT) and makes the CPU work considerably more efficiently. Having made only very positive experience with active SMT during the past many, many years in hosting business, we provided all VDS with this beneficial feature. If your VDS shows 12 logical CPU cores, for example, it comes with 6 physical CPU cores. There is no mistake, no extra costs, and no reason to wonder.

IPv6 specific questions

IPv6 - What is it all about?
IPv6 is a new protocol which exists already and which presently operates simultaneously with IPv4. It will supersede IPv4 in the future.

IPv4 addresses are the ones known today, which consist of 4 numeric blocks divided by a dot. Due to the ever faster growing Internet structure and the continuously expanding number of devices connected to it, IPv4 addresses have become scarce by now. Technically, however, it is not possible to expand the number of IPv4 addresses, and therefore, a completely new protocol has been created with IPv6. This incorporates a substantially bigger number of addresses and is capable of coping with future challenges and requirements.

How do I recognize a IPv6 address?
Since IPv6 addresses are entirely different from IPv4, they can be identified easily. IPv6 addresses in their normal configuration consist of 8 hexadecimal tuples, divided by a colon. Here is an example of such an IP address:


How can I use IPv6 on my server at Contabo?
For establishing a connection with your server at Contabo with IPv6, it is necessary that your ISP already provides IPv6 and that you are using IPv6 when browsing the Internet. For testing purposes as to whether or not you are using the IPv6 protocol already, please try the following link: http://test-ipv6.com

With each server, you will get a /64 network, which contains 18 quintillions of IPv6 addresses (the exact number is 18.446.744.073.709.551.616 addresses), that you can use upon your own discretion without limitations. Of course, you will still get one IPv4 address with each server, which ensures that you can use all our products, even if you are not yet participating in IPv6.

How do I configure IPv6 on my server?
IPv6 is already preconfigured on your server and just has to be activated in some cases.

You can achieve this on Linux as follows:
Connect to your server via SSH, execute the command enable_ipv6 and restart your server.

If you use Windows please perform the following steps:
Login via RDP, open the command prompt CMD, execute the command reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters" /v DisabledComponents /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00 /f and restart your server.

You can find further information about the configuration of IPv6 addresses in our tutorial.

US location questions

Why did you open a data center in the US?
In recent surveys we did with our customers, USA was by far the most frequently requested location. We made that wish come true by opening a data center in the US. Besides, many of our customers serve their own customers in the American market. Being able to offer our services nearby will be a huge benefit for them.

What is the Location Fee and why do I have to pay it?
Currently, we charge the location fee for all services provisioned in our US location. We are doing this, because the operational costs of a data center (electricity, cooling, data center floor) are more expensive in the US compared to the EU. The fee is added to the basic price of a service. The amount depends on the selected service.

I want to pay for my US located server in USD currency and by credit card, but all your prices are in EUR, can you assist?
As of April 2020, we can only offer EUR currency for our services. However, we are working on implementing USD currency soon. Also, more payment methods – including credit card payments – will be made available as soon as possible as well. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!

I am located in the EU. Am I eligible to order servers in your US location as well or is it reserved for customers from America?
It does not matter where you come from, everyone can order servers in our US location! We recommend to select the location during the order process based on your needs and / or the location of your own customers.

Do you offer the same servers and hardware in your US location?
In our US location, you can choose VPS from our series "100% SSD", our Virtual Dedicated Servers, and our Dedicated Servers AMD EPYC (16 & 32 Cores). We do offer neither VPS with HDD storage nor any other Dedicated Servers there. Should you require one of these, we can provision them in our EU locations for you.

Do your customer support hours change?
Our customer support is still located in EU and our support times remain the same for the time being: We are available on 365 days per year from 8 am to 11 pm CEST, which is 2 am to 5 pm EDT.

Will I get a separate invoice for US location?
No, you will continue to receive one invoice per month from us. The invoice covers all services that you have currently ordered from us.