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Data centers

Contabo currently operates multiple Locations in Europe and North America for VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers. The ultra-modern ""green data center" in Munich (EU 1) was constructed and built by Contabo in 2009 and has enough room for 4,000 servers. The second data center in Nuremberg (EU 2) has been launched in 2014, and it offers space for another 10,000 dedicated servers. On both locations the office rooms are in the same building, only one level above the data floor.

In 2020, Contabo opened a third location in St. Louis, Missouri, USA (USA 1). The current capacity of this facility is set at 1.500 servers with an option to expand as business grows.

All three data centers are state of the art, especially when it comes to operational safety and energy efficiency. Contabo invests large amounts in the maintenance and optimization of its entire data center infrastructure every year. This allows Contabo to offer their customers a stable and - thanks to low operational costs - economical hosting platform, while at the same time protecting the environment as much as possible.

The EU locations are located in different cities and are powered by different electricity suppliers. Moreover, the US location offers further the opportunity to diversify while serving the American market with a low latency. Due to this geographical redundancy we can ensure that your services stay online even if it comes to the highly unlikely case that one data center suffers from an admittedly highly unlikely outage.

In 2017 the Contabo data center Nuremberg has been awarded by an expert jury of independent data center experts from Germany with the German Data Center Award 2017, the “Deutsche Rechenzentrumspreis”. In 2018 the Contabo Data center in Munich has also been awarded with the German Data Center Award. This means: Both EU-located Contabo data centers are award-winning.

Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2018: Contabo once again winner
Facts about the Contabo data centers: The following technology is used in Munich and / or Nuremberg / St. Louis
Location: Munich - Germany
Nuremberg - Germany
St. Louis - USA


Data center area: 300 m² (Munich)
1750 m² (Nuremberg)
200 m² (St. Louis)


Air conditioning: Multiple chillers (n+1)
Groundwater cooling system
Several climate cabinets (n+1)
100 % redundant
Free cooling


Internet access: Carrier-neutral

Numerous different fiber carriers using at least two different fiber directions into the building

The Contabo data centers are currently connected to the Internet with 460 Gbit/s:
- CenturyLink: 180 Gbit/s
- Telia Carrier: 180 Gbit/s
- Versatel: 20 Gbit/s
- DE-CIX: 20 Gbit/s
- AMS-IX: 20 Gbit/s
- M-NET: 10 Gbit/s
- Colt: 10 Gbit/s
- Cogent: 20 Gbit/s


Energy supply: Inhouse transformer-station
Multiple UPS with batteries (n+1)
Emergency backup generator with powerful diesel generator


Security: Access only via ID card
Alarm system
Security service on duty
More than 50 observation cameras and video recording
Several live-webcams
Smoke detector / automatic fire alarm
Smoke exhaust installation
Water detector


Service: Personnel on site 365 days a year, also on holidays and weekends. Priority and emergeny support available


Impressions of the Contabo data center in Nuremberg

Data center Nuremberg
Server racks
Server racks
Server racks and air conditioning cabinet
Encased cold aisle
Server racks inside cold aisle
Lockable full- and half-racks
Power distribution
Power distribution
Separated room for UPS batteries
UPS unit
Chiller units
Satellite dish

Impressions of the Contabo data center in Munich

Entrance data center Munich
Rittal server racks
Server racks
Server operation at night
Server racks and air conditioning cabinet
Air conditioning cabinet
Redundant pumps for air conditioning
Server cpu