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Customer feedback

Since 2003 we have been specializing in providing hosting solutions. Our customers rely on the quality and integrity of our company. Based on our experience and quality we operate not only nationally but also internationally. A satisfied customer is the best strategy. We at Contabo take this very seriously.
Having satisfied customers is our foremost asset

Excellent professionals guarantee the high quality of our products and services. Regular training courses, internal training and staff development plans for our employees do really matter, at Contabo.

Already thousands of customers are convinced about Contabo - world-wide

Our highest aim as a successful hosting provider is to ensure our customers' long term satisfaction. Our knowledgeable support team raises the customer care bar to the highest level.

See what they are saying and read their success stories...

Why the largest website about whisky relies on Contabo
Dr. Horst Lüning, owner of the largest german whisk(e)y website, usually only savors the finest single malt whiskys in his video posts on Youtube. Among more than 20 million website visitors who visit the portal and the online store on whisky.de every month, a huge fan base of these informative and entertaining live tastings has evolved. Now Contabo as a hosting provider was honored by Dr. Lüning to become the subject of one of his online videos, too. In this 5-minute video Dr Lüning reports about his efforts to create a new international whisky portal in the data centers of Contabo. You can watch this video in german here:

Dr. Horst Lüning
The Contabo Linux Cluster is excellent
With the Contabo Linux Cluster we have achieved a 99.99% availability in our SaaS last year, and thanks to the excellent service of Contabo, we can expand the capacity of the cluster in just a few hours, according to the growth of our business.
Jorge Antonio
Quirós Ramírez
State-of-the-art hardware and great support at Contabo
We were looking for powerful dedicated servers with the latest hardware equipment and are happy to have found Contabo. We started with just a bunch of servers, but due to the high quality of the servers, the reliability and the customer support, we have recently increased our portfolio quite a bit. You can get state-of-the-art dedicated servers with 256 GB RAM for an affordable price! At Contabo, they are just great and every time we need a specific server configuration, the sales team assists us by providing customer-friendly offers. We highly recommend Contabo and we are looking forward to stay here for many years to come.
Konstantyn Makarov
Our strong partner in Europe
Contabo is an important and reliable partner for us in Europe. We operate a large number of interconnected dedicated servers in the two datacenters in Munich and Nuremberg. We are very satisfied with the performance Contabo provides. The servers are set up fast, the customer support reacts quickly and proficient, and hardware upgrades are performed fast and without any problems. Even special requests and individual server configurations are fulfilled by Contabo. The price-performance-ratio is excellent. We feel that we are in good hands here and recommend Contabo without a doubt.
Thomas Hasenclever
Great value for your money
As an IT service provider, we are a strong and reliable partner of our own customers. At the same time, we rely on having a competent and trustworthy hosting provider at our side. This is absolutely the case here at Contabo: High versatility, quick responses from the customer support as well as a superb price/performance ratio inspire us time and again. We are happy and look back at a cooperation which already lasts more than 1.5 years. We highly recommend the servers from Contabo.
Wolfgang Fischler
Confidence, trust, honesty, reliability and uptime
For years, I've been customer of Contabo to use their colocation solutions. I am selling Internet services as well and was looking for a very reliable hosting provider in Germany. Just a few words based on what I most appreciate and that describe the company best: confidence, trust, honesty, reliability and uptime!
Ricardo Mendes
The best thing about Contabo is customer service
Homehost - one of the biggest Brazilian hosting companies - is proud to announce that great part of its structure is located at Contabo data center in Munich. Contabo is great for its good service and fair prices - and, we must not forget - honesty - characteristic of German culture. The best thing about Contabo is customer service.
Thank you very much for these years of good relationship.
Gustavo Ulyssea
With Contabo we found the right partner for our project
We were looking for a hosting provider in Europe to host our website eurovision.az during the Eurovision Song Contest. With Contabo we found the right partner for our project.
The challenge was to find a reliable hosting company which provides a strong network. Furthermore, they had to set up a technical backup within a short time in a very professional way. And that's the way how they did!
Contabo, you have been a good partner. Our company will have further big projects in Azerbaijan and we know that we already have found a good and reliable partner like you for these ones. So we believe that we will do good collaboration in the future.
Sarkhan Mammadov
Contabo is a good choice
I am happy to write a recommendation for Contabo because they have done a consistently good job for me for more than 6 years. I have quite a few servers with them. You expect reliability and availability and they provide that. They stand out for their service which is quick and helpful. That is where some other hosting companies fail. With Contabo any questions or problems are normally assigned to a support person within minutes and responses come back within 5 - 15 minutes depending on the complexity of the question and the amount of investigation they have to do.
In short: If you are looking for a reliable web host with great customer service, Contabo is a good choice.
Krzysztof K.
I cannot imagine hosting anywhere else
I have been hosting several web sites with Contabo for almost 8 years. Reliability and customer support are superb.
I cannot imagine hosting anywhere else.
Olga Abashova
Their support is amazing
Since 2009 I am customer of Contabo and I have already been hosting more than 50 dedicated servers with them. From the start, I'm very satisfied with their service and I would never use anyone else for my hosting issues.
Their support is amazing, friendly and never makes you feel "stupid" like some others.
I've tried a few hosting companies but Contabo beats them all. I actually was really surprised. Servers have very good performance comparing to all other hostings I've tried. I have no complaints at all.
Izergin O.
I'm definitely staying
Amazing. Would recommend these guys to anyone. As a small web design company our last hosts caused us no end of grief, but they've been brilliant - easy to set up, paypal payments means that my payments are easily done, and any issues we've come up with have been solved through the online support by people who are always helpful and polite.
If Contabo keeps it up the way they have for the past year I'm definitely staying.
Pablo Lopez
I would definitely recommend Contabo
I moved all of my sites that were on a VPS account with another company over to Contabo about a few months ago and my experience comparing the two companies has been like night and day. System performance seems consistently fast, tech support is awesome whether by phone or posting to their support ticket system. Tech support even helped me get a CGI script working that I moved over from another hosting company. These folks are very willing to help and don't talk to you like you are an idiot as my last hosting company did. I would definitely recommend Contabo.
Gabriele Costantino