The Contabo Blog has Arrived!

Updated: July 6, 2022
Originally published: March 29, 2010

Hello and welcome to our new company blog (formally christened the “Contabo blog”). We’re featuring company news, product updates, customer stories, “behind the scenes” at Contabo, tutorials and guides, and seasonal promotions like Summer Sale and Black Friday (the only thing that beats “excellent value” VPS plans is discounts on those low-price VPS plans) on the Contabo blog.

Team members from different teams ranging from engineering to customer support will be the main contributors to the blog, but we’d welcome and appreciate community submissions and ideas! The goal of the blog is to inform and help folks on all things servers. Yes, there will be the occasional marketing-related content post, but we’re keen on providing quality and educational content that will help you regardless of whether you’re a customer or not.

Here are some of the recent and most popular posts:

As you’ll see, our 19-going-on-20 years of experience not only shows that we’ve been around the proverbial block, but that we’d like to think we know a thing or two about server hosting. We hope you enjoy the blog and the content we produce regularly. And please don’t be shy about telling us what content and tutorials you’d like to see on the Contabo blog! We’re happy to tailor things for our community and our customers.

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