Contabo Wrapped 2023 – Celebrating the Year’s Achievements

Contabo Wrapped 2023

2023 has been a monumental year for us at Contabo. Reflecting on the past twelve months, we’ve not only grown in scale. We’ve also evolved in our commitment to strategic innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. From expanding our infrastructure to entering the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, 2023 has been a year of exciting advancements. 

End-of-Year Promos: December 21 to January 5

As we bid farewell to a remarkable year, we’re thrilled to announce our end-of-year promos running from December 21 to January 5. It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers and welcoming new ones into the Contabo family. Here’s a sneak peek at the deals you can expect:  

  • VPS Deals: Whether you’re scaling up or just getting started, our VPS offerings give you flexibility and power. Get discounts on Storage Extensions, plus No Setup Fee (December 27 only!).
  • VDS Specials: Experience the perfect blend of dedicated resources and scalability to handle your growth needs. Get 20% off the Base Price and even more off Storage on all options.  
  • Dedicated Server Discounts: From stand-alone power users to small businesses and large enterprises, our servers are equipped to handle the most demanding workloads. This year, get 20% off AMD EPYC, 40% off Intel, and up to 50% off Storage on both models.  
  • And More: Keep an eye out for additional surprises, including huge discounts on Outlet Servers!  

As the year draws to a close, these holiday gifts offer an unmissable opportunity. Set yourself up for a powerful start to 2024 with a server of your choice!  

With that, we invite you to join us on a journey through the year gone by. Celebrate with us as we explore the many milestones we’ve achieved in 2023! 

Product Updates and Enhancements 

Introduction of the New Ryzen 9 Dedicated Server Tier 

2023 has been a year of refined product offerings for Contabo, marked by the beginning of our Dedicated Server portfolio revamp. Since September, this is represented by the AMD Ryzen 12-core CPU. The Ryzen 9 offers great processing power and efficiency at a very cost-effective rate – the best dedicated server you can get for its price. This move stands as a testament to our commitment to providing high-performance, value-for-money solutions.  

For an in-depth exploration of the technical aspects and benefits of this new server, you might also want to read “Introducing Game-Changing Ryzen 9 Dedicated Server” and “Energy-Efficiency Meets Performance”.  

Enhancing Value with New VPS Options 

To make our VPS more widely attractive, we tweaked our portfolio with price and offer adjustments. Contabo can once again pride itself on offering the best-priced VPS on the planet – starting at €4.50, it’s never been cheaper. More recently, the launch of the VPS XXXL, featuring 24 vCPU Cores, 120 GB RAM, and options between 600 GB NVMe or 2.4 TB SSD storage, sets a higher standard in our VPS range, allowing our customers to handle larger workloads. 

We’re constantly looking for new ways to streamline our offerings. Keep an eye out for further product portfolio optimization across the board in 2024!  

Sales Achievements in 2023 

Growing Demand and Record Sales 

The year 2023 especially marked a milestone for us in sales. Most impressive was our tally of new VPS instances sold across all tiers, amounting to hundreds of thousands of servers provisioned. This year’s Black Friday sales campaign was also our best yet. These landmark sales figures significantly highlight the growing trust in and preference for the Contabo VPS in the cloud market.  

The AMD Ryzen 12-core Dedicated Server, introduced in September 2023, sparked a surge in demand. Impressively, over 1,000 units sold in less than 3 months’ time, proving the popularity and success of this server. Our customers clearly agree – demand in some locations is so high that provisioning times of up to 30 days are not uncommon. As a result, we convinced our suppliers to open new production lines to meet the overwhelming demand. 

Becoming a Top Choice for Cryptocurrency Staking 

Product Strategy for 2023 and Beyond

2023 marked a particularly significant year for Contabo as we focused more of our attention on the cryptocurrency market. This strategic move was part of our broader initiative to diversify in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Recognizing the growing importance of blockchain technology and decentralized systems, we have begun developing a focused product strategy accordingly to cater to the unique needs of this emerging sector.

In 2023, we therefore created dedicated crypto-focused product bundles. You can see this new range of offers for yourself on our dedicated Crypto page. We already have cloud hosting solutions set up for staking Bitcoin, Ethereum, Horizen, IPFS Nodes, and Flux Nodes. Currently, over 1,000 Ethereum nodes (validator and consensus) run on our servers, as well as over 5,500 IPFS nodes, making Contabo the second-largest cloud hosting provider for IPFS.  

Partnership with Flux: A Key Step in Our Cryptocurrency Journey 

The most recent major milestone in our cryptocurrency venture was forming a strategic partnership with Flux, a leader in decentralized infrastructure and Web3 development. This collaboration represents an important step forward in bridging traditional web hosting services (Web2) with the decentralized, blockchain-based Web3.   

Learn more about this exciting partnership on the blog: “Contabo Partners With Flux To Host Flux Nodes”.  

Data Center Infrastructure Expansion:  Tokyo and Lauterbourg  

Launch of the Tokyo Data Center  

On March 29th, we celebrated the launch of our data center in Tokyo, Japan. This new location, our 8th global data center, not only reinforces our presence in Asia but also provides customers in the region with reduced latency and localized services. For more details, check out our article “Konnichiwa! Contabo Launches New Location in Tokyo“.

Construction Progress at Lauterbourg 

February marked a significant milestone with the announcement of our next data center in Lauterbourg. Located strategically on the German-French border, this facility will welcome its first servers in early 2024, signifying our dedication to expanding our global footprint and enhancing service delivery. Here’s a summary of the key milestones achieved:  

  • Ground Preparation, Infrastructure, and Initial Construction: We prepared the first half of the grounds, spanning approximately 12,000 sqm, for three buildings. The first structure, measuring 80m in length and 21m in width, includes two data halls (each about 560 sqm), a technical area for electrical management, and a two-floor office area for staff.  
  • Building Completion, Power, and Cooling: With the building shell near completion, including the roofing, we installed 792 solar panels capable of a peak load of 325 kW, demonstrating our commitment to renewable energy. Two redundant high-voltage connections will power our site, while a 20,000-liter diesel tank for a 2.5 MW diesel generator will ensure uninterrupted power supply. Additionally, an innovative direct open-air cooling system (PUE of 1.168) is being installed for energy-efficient operations.  

For a more in-depth look into the progress of our new data center, stay tuned to our ongoing series: “Watch Our New Data Center Come to Life!”  

Sustainability: Advancing Towards a Greener Future 

Embracing Climate Responsibility 

2023 was a particularly pivotal year for Contabo in terms of environmental stewardship. Joining the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, we aligned with over 100 other European data center providers. This alliance is part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our data centers significantly, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable practices in the cloud hosting industry.  

Developing a Decarbonization Roadmap and GHG Emissions Report 

In a move towards greater transparency and accountability, we initiated the development of a comprehensive decarbonization roadmap. This roadmap is aimed at guiding our journey towards reducing carbon emissions in alignment with global climate goals. Concurrently, we began working on our first Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Report. This report is a critical component of our sustainability strategy. It will provide insights into our current emissions and help shape our future actions accordingly to achieve a more sustainable operational model.  

Welcoming our New CEO 

In September, the Contabo Group announced the appointment of Dr. Christian Böing as the new Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Böing, with nearly two decades of C-level experience at major companies like Vodafone and IONOS, brought a wealth of experience and energy that has already strengthened Contabo’s commitment to enhancing its customer proposition and global reach.  

At the same time, we also bid a fond farewell (but not quite goodbye) to outgoing CEO Thomas Noglik, who led Contabo since 2019, driving significant growth and development that saw turnover triple during his tenure. Fortunately, he won’t be too far away. Mr Noglik will continue to provide his support and expertise as a Member of the Supervisory Board.  

Learn more about our new CEO: “Contabo Welcomes Dr. Christian Böing”.  

Celebrating 20 Years of Contabo in 2023

As if all the above achievements weren’t enough, 2023 also marked the 20th anniversary of Contabo’s founding! When we look all the way back to 2003, it’s amazing to think of how different the digital world was then, and how much change and development we’ve not only witnessed, but in which we’ve also been an active participant. We’re immensely proud of our history and have a lot of stories to tell – you can read about some of them in our Chronicles of the Pioneers series.  

Looking Forward to 2024 

As we close the chapter on 2023, we’re filled with pride in the progress we’ve made and excitement for the future. This year, Contabo has not only reinforced its position as the top choice for VPS and Dedicated Servers, but also set new benchmarks for sustainability. Further expansion of our global data center footprint, growing offers for the crypto community, and the continuous enhancement of our product portfolio are just a few highlights of a transformative year.

We’re already looking forward to 2024! Stay tuned for even better prices, new product launches, and more locations. Thank you for being a part of our story, and we look forward to continuing this journey together in the new year!  

A very Happy New Year from us to you! 

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