Watch Our New Data Center Come to Life!

Greetings, Contabo Community! As you know, Contabo is committed to progress and pushing the boundaries when it comes to our technology and facilities. Lately, we’ve been hard at work on something special. It is with immense pleasure that we bring you the freshest update straight from the heart of our operations. Join us on our journey into the future as Contabo embarks on a (literally) groundbreaking venture and Watch Our New Data Center Come to Life! The construction of a state-of-the-art Data Center in Lauterbourg that promises to redefine the landscape of digital excellence! 

We’ve spared no effort in designing a facility that goes above and beyond industry standards. Accordingly, this new Data Center promises to be the epitome of speed, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our services to you operate at the pinnacle of performance.  

Curious to know more about the nuts and bolts of this project? Look no further! Our Construction Journal will serve as your insider’s guide into the meticulous process of bringing this technological marvel to life.  

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October: Steel Shell, AC, Generator & More

The building shell is complete with prefabricated walls, ceiling, and robust roof steel structure. The advanced air conditioning system, featuring large facade openings, ensures optimal server conditions for our Data Center. The arrival of the diesel tank signals progress in the generator building. Outside, the ramp project and groundwork for electricity cables are in full swing.

September: Reaching New Heights!

New walls in the technical area and the diesel generator building soar to impressive heights. Steel roof construction gives our state-of-the-art Data Center its final shape. The air conditioning system takes its initial form, promising optimal server temperature control. Up next, the completion of steel construction and installation of outer prefabricated walls.  

August: Water Works!

This month sees groundwork milestones achieved with the connection to the public water system and placement of maintenance hole covers. Concrete works in the office area are complete, while the ground floor boasts a new ceiling. The technical hub gets an upgrade with the setup of prefabricated walls and preparations for the generator foundation. Facade planning is finalized, marking the imminent rise of outer walls, generator building, and power stations. Major cooling system installations will take place in the coming months.  

July: The Rise of the Datacenter (and the walls)

Prefabricated walls in the office area, fortified with layers of concrete, now stand tall. Additionally, on the ground floor, the future office spaces see the first walls go up in the technical area. Photos reveal the connection to the sewage system, a crucial step considering the proximity to the Rhine River and the water table just 1.5m below the surface. With a high-performance pump installed to remove groundwater and the entire site sufficiently raised to withstand a 300-year flood, this state-of-the-art Data Center is built to last.

June: Leaping Forward

The floor slab, comprised of 200 loads of poured concrete, is now solidified, while foundations for the roof-supporting steel girders are now in place. Electricity plans are in the final stages, with prefabricated walls ready for installation in the office section. More important steps will follow soon, including the rise of the floor and walls, steel construction, and much more! 

April & May: Data Center Construction Thrives 

From lightning protection planning to laying the groundwork, we are meticulous about every detail. Workers are busy integrating the grounding mesh into the floor slab and reinforcing the sub-base with steel mesh. At the same time, behind the scenes, bids are in, quotes evaluated, and the project plan tweaked for efficiency and savings. Check out our photo gallery for a visual journey through the floor slab construction. Next up in the following phase: pouring concrete, raising walls, and steel construction.

March: The Data Center Takes Shape!

This month’s progress begins with pressure measurements to ensure that the ground can support the building. Floor slab preparations, the arrival of containers and the installation of electricity at the site also take place. Additionally, foundations for the floor are underway, a perimeter fence has been erected, and the site is bustling with activity.

February: Breaking Ground

Our Data Center Construction Journal kicks off with earthworks to level the building site. The installation of drainage pipes also ensure top-notch infrastructure above and below ground.

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