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oneclick™ relies on Contabo Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

oneclick is a cloud platform for the automated provisioning of applications and data in a digital workspace through highly encrypted and fast streaming into the browser. To complete the mobile workspace from the cloud, remote desktops can be connected and automatically delivered via the oneclick™ platform, whereby the infrastructure is provided by Contabo.

Why Cyberlogic Has Chosen Virtual Dedicated Servers?

Cyberlogic, located on Crete Greece, specializes in software solutions for travel companies & tourism organizations since 2006. Our main product is “Cyberlogic e-Tourism Platform”, a solution consisting of desktop applications (Windows), web applications (IIS) and mobile apps (Android & iOS). Cyberlogic products are built on Microsoft solutions (Windows Server, Visual Studio, MS SQL, IIS) and MongoDB (no-SQL).

Every voice counts…

Everyone should make his or her own opinion, always and everywhere. But sometimes one needs the help and support of others. So what could be better than using opinions and experiences of existing customers as decision support. With immediate effect we offer the new category customer feedback on our website for undecided customers: Short extract: …

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