A new way to solve an access-problem

On some day during the last week a very good customer who has been colocating several self-managed servers in our datacenter wrote us that he had lost the connection to one of his servers because of some unknown software problem. To solve this problem, he asked us to connect a KVM-over-IP-device to his server with which he could connect his server via remote-monitor and remote-mouse, doesn’t matter what problem the operating system or any software installed had.

A few minutes later one of our technicians has already been on the way to the server, the KVMoIP-device in his hands. But before he could connect the device to the server we received another email from our customer. He had found another solution to get control over his machine back again and this solution was as much fascinating and creative as funny:

“I managed to hack my own server. I just found a security hole, lol. -.-
It’s now everything working. I don’t require KVMoIP anymore, thank you. =)”

Our whole team laughed pretty much about this solution – not because it was a bad solution, but because it was so special and unique and we have never experience such a customer’s approach before.
We wouldn’t dislike the thought that every customer found such solutions for all problems that may arise in a datacenter with almost 1000 dedicated servers online, like we have it right now. There wouldn’t be much work left for us and we would have so much more leisure time!
However, we know that this was a very unique solution and that’s the reason why I wanted to tell you this little story. Moreover, I’d like to thank our nice colocation-customer that he gave me his permission to mention this incident in our blog.