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Focus on Development, Leave Operations to Us

Zerops is an integrated app platform which builds, deploys, runs and scales your apps automatically.

Automated Infrastructure Orchestration

Built by Developers for Developers

High-availability with Automated Scaling

Elastic and Transparent Pricing Model

Zerops is currently in beta. Fill out the form to request free early access.

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Get Projects up and Running in the Blink of an Eye!

Create a new Zerops project and put a zerops.yml file in the root of your repository.

Trigger the pipeline by committing to your repository or using the Zerops CLI.

Sit back and relax while Zerops automatically builds, deploys and runs your application and services.

Customize the Build & Deploy Pipeline

  • No need to adapt your deployment workflow: Use the built-in Zerops pipeline as is or integrate it with your existing CI/CD

  • Build and customize your application container via the Zerops pipeline

  • All builds run on separate, high-performance containers with unlimited fair-use build time

Consistent Experience from Dev to Prod

  • No need to install dependencies and configure services for parts of the project you’re not working on

  • Offload performance demands by only running the part of your project you're working on locally.

  • Use the exact same services for any environment, from local dev to production. No more frantic debugging after switching to production.

Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Even the smallest project gets Zerops' top-notch infrastructure: a private network with load balancers and proxies, public access via IP with built-in firewall or SSL enabled domains.

Operate each of your project services in high availability mode or run a dev environment on a single container to reduce costs.

From the very start, Zerops automatically scales your projects in real time. Both horizontally and vertically. The sky's the limit.

Only Pay for the Resources you Use

  • Zerops in beta is completely free of charge.

  • But even in the future, the pricing model will be developer friendly and completely transparent.

  • No extra charges per user or hidden fees.

  • We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions. You’ll only pay for resources you use according to your selected configuration. Zerops scales your app by tiny increments of CPU, RAM and storage.

  • Configure RAM, CPU and storage of each instance to your needs.

See what Developers are Saying about Zerops

"I’ve previously used Netlify to build and deploy my frontend and Digital Ocean for my backend, Zerops combines the best of them."

Jake Monroe, Web Developer