Secure and Isolated Server Environments with Unlimited Traffic: Introducing Private Networking

Updated: August 18, 2022
Originally published: June 2, 20

Today, we take the next step in our cloud journey by launching Private Networking, isolated server environments between Cloud VPS and VDS instances. You can now either create private networks between VPS instances, or cross-pollinated VPS and VDS instances.

This new feature allows you to run more advanced workloads in a secure way. And, you can build clusters with instances handling different tasks and benefit from:

  • Faster traffic between instances.
  • Better security and isolation as transferred data doesn’t leave the private network.
  • Unlimited and unmetered traffic within the network that runs in isolated server environments.

Each Cloud VPS or VDS can be part of multiple networks. For example, you can create one private network between your application servers and database server, and a second network between those application servers and webservers.

What’s Needed to Enable the Private Networking Add-On?

Private Networking requires additional networking infrastructure to run. That’s why we charge an extra monthly fee for every Cloud VPS and Cloud VDS plan that has Private Networking enabled. The fee is the same regardless of the number of isolated server environments your instance participates in.

And here are more details about our latest Add-On:

  • You can create private networks freely between VPS and VDS instances, but not for Storage VPS and Dedicated Servers.
  • Private Networking is available for both new and existing instances.
  • You can create a private network between existing Cloud VPS and VDS instances from the same Region, even if they’re not in the same Data Center. If the instances are in different Data Centers within the same Region, then we will cluster them into one Data Center.
  • Reinstallation of your instance is required so that we can add a new network configuration automatically. After reinstalling, your instances will have cloud-init enabled. Your instances’ public IPs may change during the process if your instances were previously in different Data Centers.

I hope this explanation covers everything you’d like to know. You’re welcome to explore the rest of Private Networking’s specs and features.

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