Contabo Introduces New Data Center Location in the United States

Today is a big day for us at Contabo: After months of preparations, we are happy to announce the official launch of our third data center, located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA!

USA was by far the most frequently requested location. We’ve heard you and we’ve delivered. From now on, you can enjoy the same made-in-Germany quality we are known for not only in our 2 EU locations, but also in the brand-new location in the United States.

Current Contabo Data Center Locations

Made in Germany, Located in USA

Our new location has been established with the same care and attention to detail as our EU locations. US Location is equipped with two 10 Gbit/s uplinks, redundant power and cooling. We have our own employees on the ground in St. Louis. Even the head of our US team is German! We use the same hardware and software to ensure consistent experience in the new US location. It feels like yet another server room in Munich or Nuremberg, but on the other side of the pond. Interested in testing your ping? Contact our support team.

All Key Services Offered

Starting today you can choose from our best-selling VPS SSD series as well as 10-Core and Dual 10-Core Dedicated Servers in our US Location. Order them directly through our website and indicate desired location during the order process. Right now, our services are priced in EUR only, but we are working on changing that – stay tuned!

Select your favorite location in our order process

Great Prices

We keep the same base price for all our services in both EU and US locations. At the same time, we are introducing a Location Fee for our US location as the operating costs in the US (including electricity, cooling and data center floor) are higher. The Location Fee depends on the service you order:

  • VPS S SSD: +1 EUR / month
  • VPS M SSD: +2 EUR / month
  • VPS L SSD: +3 EUR / month
  • VPS XL SSD: +6 EUR / month
  • Dedicated Server 10-core: +20 EUR / month

For example, the price for VPS S SSD in US Location is 4.99 EUR + 1 EUR Location Fee, which is roughly 6.55 USD per month for 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, and 200 GB SSD disk space.

Unlimited Traffic

Yes, on besides our German standards and unrivaled prices we are also going to keep our current bandwidth policy in our US Location, which makes us one of the few providers to offer unlimited bandwidth.

Server room in our new data center location in St. Louis

Migration Possible

In case you currently operate servers in our EU locations and wish to migrate to our brand-new US location we are happy to assist you. Please contact our customer support to clarify the details.
With the new location you will be able to serve your US customers even better than before. Keep us posted on what else we can do to keep you successful!

  • Should give a US test IP, and a US 100MB test file, we need to test

  • “We’re keeping the same prices … and adding a location fee for the US”

    So that’s not keeping the same prices then, is it 😀

    It’s logical that when prices are higher in one location, that is reflected in the pricing of the service as well… But don’t say that it’s the same when it’s not please

  • Great, congrats, the next step is allow a CDN between those places for fast delivery in all over the world

  • This is amazing news. Keep up the great work, Contabo. Always a proud customer.

  • Do US have a good antiddos? Not like the one in Germany, which is very bad.

  • Excelente noticia! una pregunta el precio que he pagado, si decido realizar a futuro la migración a USA, varía el valor que tengo o debería pagar algún sobrecosto?

  • It’s a great news! And I am waiting for an Latinamerica location. Brazil, for example. Best regards Contabo!

  • You guys provide the BEST VPS services at the most reasonable prices, hands down. I appreciate the hard work you all have put in and can’t wait to see how the US datacenter performs.

  • Excellent Contabo!
    Doing business in the USA implies the presence of a web server directly in territory where services are provided and goods are sold. The data center in St. Louis, Missouri will help to successfully develop our publishing business in North America. It was a necessary step.
    Thank you for your attention to customer tasks.
    Imclaim Books LLC
    205 SE Spokane St, Portland, OR 97202

  • Thats a great news. However, we want to see Singapore datacenter soon.

  • Congrats! I’m very happy since I have my VPS with Contabo. You have the best client support i’ve seen ever and the prices are the best too. You deserve it!

  • Hi Contabo,

    I am really happy for you that you did upgrade your business, keep going the best service in the business.


  • These are great news! You are great enterprise, great team, great service! Am your customer for 3 years already and counting!

  • great job. hope this will improve the speed for your asian and middle east gulf customer. kindly run a comparison of speed to help us understand what will be the difference from Middle East Gulf in terms of browsing speed.

  • Hi,

    How can I select location while purchasing VPS?

    Thank you!

  • Congrats on the new datacenter.
    Is there a reason why you guys are keeping a bucket in the middle of the room?

  • I hope someday you’ll covering the Asia area, it would be great having all major locations covered by your services.
    One more thing would be the possibility to host your own Reverse DNS and having internal IP addresses.

    anyway, nice work guys!

  • Esta é um ótima notícia, parabéns e continuem crescendo! Sou TI aqui em BR e recomendo muito o serviço e qualidade da Contabo.

  • Hello @John Levestein: We wondered, too. What are the technicians doing with this one bucket?

  • @Emiliano: You can either order a new VPS in our US location, or migrate the existing one to is. Please note: Our migration process starts in May only though. For more details, please get in touch with our customer support:

  • @Vasiliy: Thanks a lot for your feedback, happy to hear that our US location will help you grow your business!

  • @Daniel: Thanks, we really appreciate your kind words. Hope to see you in our US location soon! 🙂

  • @Martin: Thanks! Well, who knows where our next location will be 🙂 Stay tuned for updates 😉

  • Thanks @Alfredo, we really appreciate it. Hope to have you with us for a long time to come!

  • Thanks @David. Great to have you with us, and we hope you’ll enjoy hosting in our new US location should you decide to move/use services there 🙂

  • @Ravi: Please select the location during the order process, after clicking on “Customize & Order” below your desired VPS! Thanks and in case of any issues, just drop us an e-mail to – we’ll get back to you asap.

  • @Pedro: Thanks, we appreciate your kind words. Please note that we can only reply in English though. We assume you inquire about the price of your VPS in our US location. Please check the prices on our website and consider the Location Fee, which we need to charge extra at the moment. Should you migrate to US, then this would be charged, too. For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support:! Thanks and all the best to you!

  • Beautiful, excellent news.

    Now it is possible to offer a more complete service, Thanks.

  • Is this location disaster proof as st. Louis has been under water during last storm Katrina.

  • Podem informar se a velocidade em St Louis é mais rápida para nós. Com sites aqui no Brasil??
    Assim, posso escolher melhor um novo VPS.

  • Hey Carlos,
    Please get in touch with our customer support to get a test IP to our US location 🙂
    Alternatively: We are an official partner with so you can test it there. Search for “Contabo” and choose St. Louis, MO.

    For any issues, please get in touch with


  • Obrigado pela dica speedtest, já vi que é mais rápido o ping para St. Louis, MO. que para Nuremberg. Vou ver isso então! See you!!

  • You made my dream a reality , i cant believe that this happened , I LOVE YOU CONTABO , best services i ever had in my life and very stable internet and fast with low ms. I love you thanks for making USA datacenter!!! Much love again and thank you so much.

  • Great Contabo, as always, one of the best providers of the world

  • how i test latency between my location (Brasil) and both Contabo location (EU and USA)? Has a link for this?

  • I’ve been using your service for many of our health care websites in Dubai. Going to get one more SSD server tomorrow. The only concern I have is with email going into spam, but anyways we use another provider for email.

  • With the actual conditions of the USA, is that a good option?

  • Hi Jamil,

    Our customer support hours did not change, the remain the same as before: 8 am to 11 pm current German time, on 365 days/year.


  • Hey Luis,
    Please get in touch with our customer support team to clarify the details of a Location change.


  • Hey David,

    kindly drop us an e-mail to and our team will assist you with the requested test IP!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • As always, Contabo the best Hosting service by far. Thanks for your great service!!

  • Contabo is one of the best web hosting company with excellent features at a cheap price. just need to improve 1 thing that is 24/7 chat support.

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