How to use VNC to connect to your VPS and VDS

This is a short instruction on how to login to your VPS or VDS via VNC:

We recommend to use UltraVNC to connect to the server. Here is a download link for this tool:

It is sufficient to install the VNC client. We do not recommend to install a VNC server on your local computer.
Please start the program and enter your data into the <Host-IP address>:<VNC port> field. The port number and IP address can be found in our initial e-mail to you that contained your login credentials. An example:

After entering this information, please press the button ‘connect‘ and type in your initial password.

Please keep in mind to always check your spelling, since the login is case sensitive. Also look out for your keyboard layout, to prevent any mishaps during the login (Y and Z might be switched due to a different keyboard layout). In order to test which keyboard layout is active, you can enter a few test characters at the login prompt and remove them again before entering your actual login name.

Please keep in mind that the VNC access is not as safe as a connection via SSH or RDP. You should always prefer SSH or RDP. Sometimes, neither is possible. Then, VNC is your best option. Remember to always log out of the operating system after you have finished your work! The logout does not happen automatically with VNC since VNC is independent of your operating system.

Please keep in mind that the IP for the VNC access is different from your servers IP. The connection will not work if you use your servers IP instead of the one provided by us.

  • How do I change my keyboard layout for VNC. The characters are wrong in VNC but are fine from the same PC using ssh

  • rdp is not enabled. You have already checked and confirmed this yourself. I need your help connecting. Help solve the problem so that the connection works. I give you permission to do all the work. Please help. I can’t configure it myself

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    Can you please contact our customer support via e-mail to [email protected] for that purpose? Unfortunately, we cannot provide assistance through the comment section of our blog.

    Thanks and we hope any issue can be solved!

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