What to do if your server is not reachable anymore

If your server should run but is not reachable, the reason might be a routing problem between your internet provider and Contabo and you should follow these instructions:

To make sure it’s not an connectivity issue we recommend to create a so called “MTR report”.

MTR does nothing else than a traceroute combined with PING.

To create a simple traceroute type the following into your command line:

Open your cmd.exe or your powershell application and type
tracert <your IP>
Linux :
Open a terminal and type
traceroute <your IP>

Starting an MTR is very easy, just get the latest Version here :

On Windows 10 make sure to get Version 0.92 or newer.
On Linux you should be also able to install it from your repository:
apt-get update && apt-get install mtr

After installing the necessary package, you can run the application.

Windows: Navigate to the downloaded folder and unzip the file, some directories have been created. Rightclick on the .exe and hit “Run as administrator”. Now just type your IP and hit start.


Linux: Open your terminal and enter mtr <your IP>


It’s recommended to run the application for at least 10 minutes, this makes sure that enough data is being collected.

Take a screenshot or save the log file, our support will need those information if you plan to contact us.

  • It’s a good idea to set the ping interval (the delay between the pings), as some hops along the way may show false packet loss due to ICMP rate limiting.

    On linux/mac whatever, just set –interval=60 for example for a minute between them. On Windows, it’s in the options of winmtr.

    While you’re changing settings, it’s also best to set the –no-dns option, (or untick “resolve names”). Network types like IP addresses :-). Also one entry in DNS may be used for multiple IPs, or be wrong, or change etc. IPs are best for the people troubleshooting.

    If you’re on a Mac, you can install mtr quite easily using “homebrew” – http://brew.sh

    mtr is a great tool, but if you don’t have access to it for some reason, you can consider “pathping” which is built into Windows and does the same thing.
    pathping /? on Windows will give you the options there.

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