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And the winner is…

We received more than 100 poems. It was really hard work to read through every poem. But now our jury finally made its decision and we can proudly present the winners of our poetry slam. But first of all, it has to be mentioned, that we received poems in German as well in English language.

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Contabo Poetry Slam

A few days ago we started our “10 years Contabo anniversary” setup promotion – but now it’s time for our creative heads. On the occasion of our anniversary we are going to start the second part of our special events. True to the motto “Join in and win” you can show your creative side and

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Windows Server 2012 available now!

Just right after the official completion of MICROSOFT’s new operating system for server applications – entitled Windows Server 2012 – our technicians have started with working on its evaluation. We have performed numerous functionality tests for our customers and in particular the integration of this new system into our “ASI” (Automatic System Installer) System. We

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A Second that could make a difference and bring your server down!!! – The buggy lil ‘leap second bug’

The weekend was pretty disastrous for websites around the Internet. First, storms in United States knocked out power in Amazon’s data centres, and with it, around 1% of American websites. This included popular websites like Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix. Then, just as websites were hobbling back to life, the “leap second” bug struck. Timekeepers

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Ubuntu 10.04 available

Only 4 days after the release of the new Ubuntu version 10.04  (codename: Lucid Lynx) we have updated our systems to install the new version on our servers. The new version is an LTS-version (Long-Time-Support). This means, that Ubuntu will extend the support time and provide updates for a longer time. Many interesting changes have

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