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What to do if your server is not reachable anymore

Interactive Guide In case you’re experiencing issues connecting to your server, our guide will walk you through common issues and how to resolve them: If the guide couldn’t help you or if you have been redirected here, please continue with creating a report for our customer support. Diagnostics and log files If your server should

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Creating static routes

All traffic in our network has to pass through our core-routers, additionally switch ports are configured in such a way that they only accept ethernet frames with mac addresses originating from these routers. Consequently, no layer-2 traffic is forwarded between switch ports and direct communication between servers, even when on the same subnet, is not

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High-performance Dedicated Servers at a fair price

In our dedicated servers we use high-performance hardware. Rent your own root server with either Linux or Windows, already from 49.99 EUR per month. Individual configuration options and upgrades such as the installation of cPanel or Plesk allow you to manage your server easily. Our server overview at a glance: Dedicated Server Quad – only

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cPanel/WHM: Best practices

Our Dedicated Servers and VPS’s with cPanel are very popular among our customers. The easy to use administration panel renders web hosting comfortably even for inexperienced Linux administrators. Almost all settings can be done via WHM, SSH access is rarely necessary. We deploy cPanel servers automatically with a working standard configuration. Most settings are left

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ASI News

Attention Windows Server users: We released a new installation method for Windows Server operating systems today. It is already available for all VPS and Dedicated Server customers with Windows Server. The first thing you will notice is a much shorter installation time. Our Dedicated Server X with 1 Gbit/s port only took five minutes to

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Adding IPv6 connectivity to your server

On the servers provided by Contabo an IPv6 address is already preconfigured. However on some servers the IPv6 connectivity still has to be activated. If your server can not establish a IPv6 connection, please perform the following steps: Linux Connect to your server via SSH Execute the following command with root rights:enable_ipv6 Reboot your server

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Contabo Poetry Slam

A few days ago we started our “10 years Contabo anniversary” setup promotion – but now it’s time for our creative heads. On the occasion of our anniversary we are going to start the second part of our special events. True to the motto “Join in and win” you can show your creative side and

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