Hello from England!

We are excited to launch a new Data Center in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. 

New Region in the United Kingdom

The new Region is conveniently interconnected with all major population centers in England. It offers premium connectivity with latency as low as 3 ms in London (and below 15 ms in every major city in the UK and Ireland) to everyone who wants to reach the UK market. This is yet another step in our journey to provide global availability at low prices. Together the new UK Location, we now offer 6 Regions across Americas, Europe and Asia. 

In the new Region, you can choose from all of Contabo’s flagship compute products, such as Cloud VPS, Cloud VDS and Bare Metal Servers. Learn more about our new UK data center and our launch promotion here

Information about migrating your existing products to the UK can be found here

British Pound Payments Accepted

Today, we also start accepting payments in British Pound. GBP joins EUR and USD as accepted currency and can be used to pay for any products in any Region, not just in the new UK Region. You can simply select British Pound while checking out on contabo.com. 

Existing customer accounts can also be switched to GBP. More information about changing currencies can be found here

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