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Custom Images

Deploy multiple compute instances 
with the same custom image in any of our locations.

Custom Images in Contabo Cloud VPS allow you to instantly deploy your .iso or .qcow2 image via web UI or API.
Deploy Anything

Create an .iso or .qcow2 image that will perfectly suit your use case.

You decide where you want your data stored in any of Contabo's Regions, and you can move your files with our API.
Deploy Anywhere

Deploy your image on any instance in any location around the globe.

The Contabo API makes it easy to manage all of your cloud hosting resources via HTTP requests.
Automate Management

Create and deploy Custom Images manually using the web interface or automate with API.

Custom Images Benefits

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Improve Productivity

Reduce the effort of deploying and keeping your virtual machines up to date. Rather than manually configuring each instance, create a perfect image and deploy when you need to.

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Update your Application Fast

Use custom images with our API to rapidly deploy updates to your application across multiple machines.

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Integrate with DevOps

Improve your DevOps workflow with custom images. Easily go from development to deployment on testing and production environments.

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Reuse your Perfect Image

Already have a perfect setup? Then create a golden image and reuse it anytime you want to.

"Adding the ability to use custom images is a game changer in my opinion. Rather than messing around with configurations, my clients can now save huge amounts of time and focus on building services."

Jonathan Harvey, Cloud Solutions Consultant

Deploy instances with Custom Images

Upload your own custom images and deploy in any location on any cloud compute instance

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