What’s the “Managed Server” Add-On?

Typically, we provide all of our customers with root or administrator access to their servers in order to enable you to configure your servers according to your own needs and requirements. Nonetheless, we understand ourselves as a “full service agency” at times for our customers, so we provide any support required upon request. Usually this is done free of charge for smaller tasks which can be completed in just a few minutes of time, but if an extensive request exceeds the scope of our regular support, we require confirmation for additional costs.

With the “Managed Server” Add-On you pay a fixed price of 99.99 EUR monthly, and in turn you can claim two hours of technical support each month for problem resolving, configurations, installations, and monthly tasks like updates, performance optimizations, etc.

This Add-On turns your root server into a managed server. Our technicians take care of the security, the upgrades and – as far as possible – the stability of the server system. Furthermore you can make use of our extended customer support whenever you need it.

After ordering the Add-On, you simply let us know which technical tasks we should cover for you, either one-time or every month. The Add-On includes two hours of technical support per month. Should one of your tasks take longer or the two hours will be exceeded by it, we will contact you immediately. Then you can decide if it should be billed separately or its scope should be limited, for example.

Please find below a list of sample server management tasks you can assign to our technicians when ordering this Add-On. All common Linux and Windows operating systems are supported:

  • System and hardware optimization.
  • Software installation and configuration.
  • Implementing security patches.
  • Kernel upgrades.
  • Emergency problem resolution.
  • Ongoing OS and control panel updates.
  • Setting up a backup routine.

The “Managed Server” Add-On is valid only for the server you have ordered it for. If you have multiple servers, then you cannot share your monthly two hours managed server time between them.

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