New server model? Your opinion matters!

Recently, there have been some new hardware releases which also could be very interesting for possible new dedicated server offers. Once again, we would like to ask for your feedback on the following alternatives.

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Each of these servers can be equipped with any combination of SSDs/HDDs. You can choose freely. These would be possible prices:

2 TB HDD: 3.49 EUR per month
3 TB HDD: 4.49 EUR per month
4 TB HDD: 6.49 EUR per month
256 GB SSD: 7.99 EUR per month
500 GB SSD: 12.49 EUR per month

We would be thrilled to hear why you would prefer one of them over the other. Or is there an entirely different configuration which you would be interested in? Feel free to post in the comments for this.

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)!


  • Hi Mike,

    when can we expect (exact date) these new servers to be available ?

  • It would be great if there was a x2 processors alternative of
    Intel Xeon E5 2650V2 with eight cores at 2.6 GHz

  • the best configuration for me:
    Intel Xeon E5 2650V2 with eight cores at 2.6 GHz – 128 GB of RAM (REG ECC)
    2 x 4 TB HDD
    2 x 500 GB SSD

  • Thank you for all the feedback, keep it coming! As much as I would like to give out a fixed date for a new model, this is not possible, yet, as we are still in the early evaluation phase. At this point in time, it is even possible that none of the above configurations will turn into a new a new offer.

  • My preference would be for two 16 core AMD Opteron CPUs: that would give 32 total cores.

    Many cores are wonderful for delivering high profile web applications.

  • My choice as M.Z said would be
    Dual Intel Xeon E5 2650V2 with eight cores at 2.6 GHz

    but as you don’t have it in the list I would choose:
    Dual Intel Xeon E5 2620V2 6C @ 2.0 GHz
    128 GB of RAM
    256GB SSD
    1 TB HDD

    João Silva, Owner of RevTut

  • I have voted for Intel Xeon E5 2650V2 with eight cores at 2.6 GHz because on my exiting contabo server I use ESXi 5.5, the free Verson (=single CPU licence) with a 6 core CPU.

    This means 1 CPU with as many cores as are around (8 now) – while my killer application is widely scalable over more cores!

    So I would expect a better over all performance to a cheaper price with 8 cores at 2.6GHz then using less cores with a higher frequency …


  • I need not so many but as fast as possible CPUs for my ongoing calculations. Hence my choice for the 3.5GhZ option.

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