(R)evolution: Dedicated Server 10-Core available now!

Evolution is simply natural selection.
The laws of nature ultimately decide, what will exist and what won’t exist.

Contabo proudly presents you the latest outcome of the evolutionary process among servers.

Just released a couple of weeks ago, we have this new server in stock for you already: The Dedicated Server 10-Core! Featuring Intel’s brand-new Xeon E5 2630v4 processor with 10 x 2.2 Ghz and powerful 256 GB REG ECC RAM – for a revolutionary 109.99 Euro/month!

You may add any combination of HDDs and SSDs, several RAID upgrades are available as well! The Internet uplink is a 1 Gbits switch port and we have no traffic limitations for your services!

State-of-the-art hardware and 10 cores are still not enough for you? No worries, you know us after all, at Contabo a lot is possible: Just double up and get 20 cores by adding a second CPU to your mainboard (for an additional 39.99 Euro/month)!

The minimum contract period is just one month and we do not charge any setup fees! In addition, we offer you up to 1 month free for a longer minimum contract period!

Go and check out our latest server here!


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