Promotion: Setup fees scratched for all of our VPS, discount available!

Although the first day of spring is not even close yet, we still hope you’ll get some spring fever with our latest promotion! As of now, we have erased the setup fee for all of our VPS!

Whether you opt for a VPS with lots of disk space (HDD+SSD boost) or a VPS with 100% SSD, no more additional setup fees will be charged by us!

But we are not done yet… Depending on your chosen contract period, you will be granted an immediate discount of up to one monthly fee!

Further information and a detailed overview of our VPS plans are available on our website, simply click here!



  • is the remove of setup fees “forever” or is just another “temporary” promotion?


  • Hello Richard,
    “forever” is a rather large time frame so we cannot promise that there will never again be setup fees in the future (temporarily). Thus we recommend not to wait too long before placing an order 🙂

    Have a nice day,

  • Hello Contabo

    i really love you servers but can you please remove those setup fees please, i need to buy more server but those fees are holding me


  • Hello,
    First of all, we are happy to hear that you are fully satisfied with our servers. The long-time promotion of no setup fees has ended about two weeks ago, we are sorry to say. As soon as we start a new promotion with no setup fees for our VPS, we will let you know about it!

    Thank you and we hope that you will continue to stay with us!

    Have a nice week ahead,

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