No worries, we do not rob a bank…

Yesterday we celebrated our third and last event on the occasion of our company anniversary. The whole team of Contabo came together at the outdoor Go-Kart track in Garching near Munich in order to find the fastest driver of Contabo.

The starting conditions couldn’t have been better: we had 34 degrees outside and there was not even one cloud in the sky; almost too hot for our balaclavas and helmets. But we were tough although we looked like dangerous criminals, as you can see on the following picture. It was taken right at the beginning :-).


22 people were at the start, but divided into two groups. After a warm-up and a qualifying the race began.
Like Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel many great racing drivers started their careers in karting cars. With a new career in mind, many of us, especially the male participants, found their personal ideal line on the track; much to the chagrin of our management, who was placed at 5th and 10th position.

After 1 hour of driving pleasure we moved on to the awards ceremony and the restaurant next door, where a suckling pig was waiting for us. Once again a big thank you to the great food and organization of the restaurant.

Here are a few impressions of our great day:


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