Check Out the New, Fast SSD Storage VPS

Our new Storage VPS comes with fast SSD, and a limited time launch offer of no Setup and Location Fees!
Check out our new Storage VPS with SSD, and take advantage of the limited-time offer!

Get excited: say hello to the new Storage VPS with fast SSD! It‘s a perfect solution for those who need a lot of storage (up to 3.2 TB SSD per VPS), but prefer a virtual machine over object storage.

To celebrate this launch, we’re offering no Setup and Location Fees. The offer is good only for the first 1,000 orders, so be sure to claim your Storage VPS instance now.

What’s New With Storage VPS?

Our VPS for storage line now has unprecedented SSD capacity at the same low prices we already offer for Cloud VPS. Compared to Cloud VPS, Storage VPS has different CPU and RAM configurations, but the overall price-performance ratio is stellar. Here are the available plans: 

Also, each plan comes with DevOps features like API access, CLI, custom images, and cloud-init. And you can create private networks in your Storage VPS instance and tie to them to your other Contabo virtual server product like Cloud VPS and Cloud VDS.

Is Storage VPS Available Where I Live?

Yes, the new SSD-based Storage VPS is available in all of our Regions (EU, UK, United States, and Asia). And if you’re already using Cloud VPS or the old HDD-based Storage VPS, then you can upgrade to the new Storage VPS via the Customer Control Panel.

Are You Offering a Launch Promotion?

Yes, there is a limited time launch promotion to celebrate the new Storage VPS: No Setup Fee and Location Fee. This offer is good only for the first 1,000 orders, so spin up a storage virtual private server now and save!

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