Limited offer: 4 x 4 TB disk space via RAID 10 at only 59.99 EUR / month

We have reduced the price for one of our most popular server upgrades, the 4 x 4 TB HDD RAID 10 bundle! Instead of 79.99 Euro per month, it is now available at a stunning 59.99 Euro per month!

Important for you to know: It pays to be quick as this special price is available for only a short time, as long as stocks last!

If you require a huge amount of disk space for your server at Contabo, combined with an outstanding performance and an extremely high reliability, our RAID bundle with four 4 TB HDDs is the best solution for you. This upgrade features four extremely reliable HDDs by HGST. These disks are constructed explicitly for 24/7 usage and have a capacity of 4000 GB per HDD. The HDDs are connected via an Adaptec or LSI RAID controller as a hardware RAID 10. This means that even in the highly unlikely case of a disk failure, your data will be safe. At the same time, you profit from clearly better I/O.

As you know such a combination of powerful state-of-the-art hardware is generally not cheap. That is why this upgrade did cost 79.99 EUR per month, up to now. Only for a short time, we can offer it at just 59.99 EUR per month – Take advantage of this one-time opportunity and grant your dedicated server at Contabo the 4 TB RAID bundle!

The 4 TB RAID bundle is available for every dedicated server. The bundle can be ordered as an upgrade for existing or new servers.

Interested? Then please take a closer look at our dedicated servers!

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