Introducing High-Performance VPS with NVMe Drives

We are happy to announce a major upgrade to our High-Performance VPS series. From now on, all newly purchased VPS will be equipped with powerful Gen 4 NVMe drives, offering 10x the speed  at the same price point.

Best-in-class Drives

Even though our High-Performance VPS with SSD drives are by far your favorite Contabo product, and they excel in several external benchmarks including winning the Best VPS Award in March 2021, it is time to raise the bar even further! Our NVMe VPS offer much-improved performance no matter if you host websites, run e-commerce software or operate databases: The bottleneck of a slow-responding drive is a thing of the past! 

Currently used
Newly available
Sequential Read (Mbit/s)5607,00012.50x
Sequential Write (Mbit/s)5305,2009.81x
Random Read IOPs98,0001,000,00010.20x
Random Write IOPs88,000850,0009.66x
Manufacturer’s specification of SSD and NVMe Drives used in High-Performance VPS

Our flagship NVMe VPS offer you 10x the drive performance for the same price.

Best-in-class Prices

When designing our new NVMe VPS models, our goal was to keep great prices we are known for. After all, Contabo is notorious for providing high-performance at low-cost to everyone around the globe. Most of you did not utilize all that VPS disk space, so we thought you will appreciate the opportunity to have a smaller, but way faster drive instead at the same price. The larger SSD storage will remain available for those who need it.

SSD Storage
Monthly Base
Price [€]
Monthly Base
Price [$]
VPS S4 Cores & 8 GB50 GB200 GB€4.99$6.99
VPS M6 Cores & 16 GB100 GB400 GB€8.99$11.99
VPS L8 Cores & 30 GB200 GB800 GB€14.99$19.99
VPS XL10 Cores & 60 GB400 GB1.6 TB€26.99$34.99
High-Performance VPS series at Contabo

More NVMe Storage? No Problem! 

Actually, you don’t even have to choose between fast NVMe storage and large SSD storage. You can simply order our NVMe Storage Extension Add-On and double the standard NVMe Storage of your VPS. Pricing starts at just €1/month! 

PCI Gen4 NVMe used in Contabo VPS

Migrating from SSD to NVMe 

Unfortunately, VPS with SSD drives, cannot be automatically migrated to our new NVMe VPS due to different partition sizes. You can however use our VPS Upgrade Tool in Control Panel to replace your current VPS with a new, larger VPS (for example, VPS S SSD to VPS M NVMe).  Make sure to back up your data before requesting an upgrade, since we will provide you with a fresh and clean instance set up from scratch. 

Available in all Regions 

Our NVMe VPS are available in all Regions across the globe. No matter if you or your customers are in the EU, US or Asia, our powerful High-Performance VPS equipped with brand-new NVMe drives are close by. Just select your preferred Region while configuring your new NVMe VPS. 

Visit our VPS page for more information about our revised product lineup and try the new NVMe VPS from Contabo today! 

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