Many helpful tutorials available at Contabo!

Time and again you, our valued customers, contact us with questions regarding the administration of your server or system. Often, your inquiries cannot be answered quickly as either a thorough answer is required, including several process steps, or a detailed preparation is necessary on our part. Now we have collected all the interesting questions that we have been dealing with in our customer support service and answered them in detail (often with screenshots attached for a better understanding).

You can access these so-called tutorials through the button „Tutorials“ on the bottom information-bar on our website, or directly via There you will find instructions, solutions and hints which will simplify your life just as well as the handling of your hosting products.

Of course we constantly strive to expand this newly created area of our website.
Now… If you have got a specific question or are interested in a general topic regarding the administration of a server or system, but cannot find a proper answer anywhere…
Just let us know via e-mail at [email protected]. We will collect your suggestions and from time to time our technicians will post new topics. Isn’t it another great reason for you to access on a regular basis – now also including

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