HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONTABO – Contabo celebrates its 10th birthday

Contabo setup promotion

Finally… we are celebrating our 10th birthday. Exactly 10 years ago Contabo, formerly known as Giga-Hosting and Giga-International, started with a small service-oriented approach – and now, 10 years later, we operate our own data center in the heart of Munich and are an integral part of the national and international hosting market. By the way: More details about our company history – including previously unreleased facts and shocking pictures – will be published in our Contabo blog within the next weeks.

Prevailing for such a long time in a fast-changing environment (called the Internet) makes us really proud and that’s the reason why we would like to express our special thanks to our customers for the successful and trustful cooperation over the past 10 years.

In order to give this anniversary its due, we would like to thank you with several very special events.

10 years Contabo = 10 days no setup fees!
No Setup Fees
We are waiving the setup fees for the next 10 days.
All of our hosting products are available without any installation fee.

You want to save up to 70 Euros? Then order one of our Dedicated servers (except: Dedicated server X and 6-Core) or virtual servers or any other product within the next 10 days.

So what are you waiting for? The promotion is starting today and is valid for the next 10 days only.


Join in and win: Remote-controlled drone, Nexus 7 Pad and much more!
This competition is addressed to all the creative ones among you.

You are a poet or you love to write? Show us what you are made of and send us your English poem about Contabo.
The winners will be awarded with one of ten very attractive prizes.

Details about the competition are coming soon. Be informed as usual on our Facebook Page or here on our blog.

Stay tuned!


  • Hello Alex,
    our setup promotion ends on June 05, 2013. So, you have got still enough time to order one of our hosting products 😉
    Have a nice day!

  • Hi Katharina,
    Thanks for your prompt reply, I am looking forward to buying one of your VPS’, But i am only able to pay via bank transfer, And it appears that your account number is 9 digits long. Is this a typo, Or is my bank just not allowing bank transfers to accounts of whom their account number is of odd order 😛

  • You are welcome Alex 🙂
    Yes, our account number is 9 digits long but you can alternatively try to transfer the money via IBAN and BIC.

    IBAN: DE86 7002 0270 0661 9337 71

    In addition to that, we also accept payments via Paypal or Moneybookers:



  • Sorry to bother you again, But it does not give me the option to pay via IBAN or BIC, And it asks me to quote an 8 digit account number, And i do not wish to be a victim of paypal’s horrendous commission fees,
    Any advice? 🙂

  • No worries.
    From my own personal experience I can tell you that sometimes “blanks” in account numbers are counting as a digit as well. So try to fill in the account number manually and do not copy and paste.
    If this does not work, please get in contact with your bank.
    Sorry for not having a better solution for you.

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