Giga-International becomes Contabo!

Contabo.comNow it’s official. Our company name has changed to Contabo!
As of today Giga-International will operate under a new company name called Contabo GmbH. The re-branding is just the first step for a global expansion that we have in mind.

The new year 2013 has begun and we have taken this opportunity to bring a long pending resolution alive. We changed the company name from Giga-International to Contabo.
After careful preparations the long-sought name change has finally been implemented.

There are several reasons for this new company name change. Contrary to the former name, the trademark Contabo is now also protected on an international level. Another reason is: Have you had to type the URL in the past, which is relatively long and afflicted with special characters, to find our site, this can be managed easier and faster from now on: – that’s all.

The new name Contabo will represent us globally in the future. It fits to our business in many ways. For example, one possible interpretation of Contabo, standing for “content across borders”, could be the international orientation of our company which operates worldwide.

Our focus does not change. The new company name is nothing but a continuance of our previous company name, Giga-International. Our customers can still rely on the quality and top service level they are used to. The company, the staff, the managing directors and owners, the data center, the technical features, the goals and the high level of service. Everything remains just the same.”

Our company as a legal entity remains untouched equally to the legal relationship between the customers and Giga-International, now Contabo GmbH.

With immediate effect the new company homepage can be found at
Our facebook page can be found at from now on. Do you like our new name? We are glad to read your feedback on Facebook.

We wish you the best possible start to the new year and look forward to a further successful partnership!

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