Fedora 30 available now!

Today is the hottest day of the year in Germany, with temperatures currently at 37 degrees Celsius (98,6 degrees Fahrenheit) and it is really tough to step out of the door. You start to sweat immediately! We hope the temperatures in your place of residence are a bit more humane and you can enjoy the summertime with delicious ice-cream or whatever you prefer. Should it be servers and hosting, we are happy to let you know:

As of today, the new Fedora 30 is available at Contabo. You can order it with every VPS and dedicated server. As an existing customer, you can also upgrade to the latest version via your customer control panel 🙂

Should you not be familiar with our services yet, we would like to emphasize that we always offer you the latest versions of all popular Linux distributions as well as Windows Server 2012 and 2016.

Oh and by the way: Even though the temperatures increase, you can rest assured that your servers are perfectly cooled in our data centers – for example thanks to our groundwater cooling system!

  • Hi there, i need to inform you that if i click on the customer control panel, i get the link but i do not see the place where to find the area where we can click to get this update on our server?

  • Hello,
    You can do a reinstall of your server via your control panel with the new OS. Please click on VPS or server control, then “Reinstall”. If you want to upgrade, you would need to do this directly on your server. For more information or assistance, kindly send us an e-mail to support@contabo.com 🙂

    Thanks and have a nice day!

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