Dedicated Server Speedtest Result

We say thank you to one of our customers who provided the impressive result of the following speedtest on our facebook wall.

I would like to quote him: “Damm… That 39.99 euro was deffo worth it!”

Of course, we do not want to keep back this result from you on this blog because it’s more than worth an extra blog entry.

Contabo Speedtest






  • Have just purchased the Dedicated Server of larger one and the rates with which this Guys are giving is freaking Cheap …even dirt would be costlier ..Ohh man and Cristo from Support thanks very much ,and expect good business flowing from India

  • Hello Haris,
    unfortunately, we do not offer live support. You may however call us during our office hours from 8am to 11pm on 365 days per year! Or send us an e-mail to and we will respond as quickly as possible!

    Have a nice day,

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