Always be up to date with our server status notification!

Some of you have probably clicked on the link “Server Status” on our website already and were forwarded to our status website. In the very rare case of irregular issues occurring in one of our data centers, we inform you about it on this website.

Recently we have revised our status site and added more features. By now, we provide information about all scheduled, ongoing and recently completed maintenances of server systems in our datacenter. Not worth mentioning that customers affected by such a maintenance are also informed by us via e-mail prior to this. These maintenances cannot be avoided altogether – after all, some hardware components are subject to attrition and have to be replaced at the appropriate time. Thanks to our transparent status website, you always know about the server systems which are currently being maintained by our technicians.

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  • hello, I wish to transfer my centos server 6 to 7 centos what I have to do

  • Hello,

    Please log in to your customer account via our customer control panel. There, you can administer your server and reinstall it with a new OS. In case of any issues, please get in touch with our support team via e-mail at and we will gladly assist you further.

    Best regards,

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