And the winner is…

We received more than 100 poems. It was really hard work to read through every poem. But now our jury finally made its decision and we can proudly present the winners of our poetry slam.

But first of all, it has to be mentioned, that we received poems in German as well in English language.

Three English poems have been ranked among our Top 10.

Rank 3: Winner of a MyGica ATV120 Dual Core Android 4.1 TV Stick incl. XBMC Support

Tracert to heaven!

A bad connection it is why we late,
A single database it is what we hate,
A limited space it is unbearable weight,
But your webhosting, it is freaking great!

A single core it is a broken knife,
A shared resource it is lending your wife,
A limited traffic it is accepting your fate,
But your vps, it is freaking great!

A slow machine it means we have lost,
A stealthy rootkit it is what we hate most,
A faulty raid it is loosin your mate,
But your servers, they are freaking great!

A great sea of offers to sail, to fish,
A thousand night dreams for things that i wish,
A blink of an eye to connect to that port,
But they all will be gone, without your support!

A blink of an eye to send and receive,
A quick flat reply is, in what we believe,
A call in late at night to get a clue,
It is what we all, love about you!
(Andrei, Romania)

Rank 6: Winner of a Gaming Headsets

I was desperate and lost
“All these VPS really cost”
I could not find something cheap
For my wallet was a leap
But when I almost gave up
I decided to fill my cup
“It’s impossible” I shouted out
There must be a cheaper cloud!
So please Google, help me now,
Doesn’t matter where and how,
I need a reliable solution
For an equal contribution
In a huge comparing list
A name emerged from the mist
The name was kinda strange
But the cost was in my range!
Contabo was the name,
and they play a fair game:
respecting to other they cost less
and their offers are not a mess.
So I decided to give my trust,
Their VPS are like gold dust.
I’m with them since eight weeks
All is running like spring creeks.
So if you want my advice
I would not think twice
If you need something fine
You’ve just finished to whine
Contabo will answer your question
And you’ll be happy with your profession!
(Simone, Italy)

Rank 8: Winner of “Running Linux”

Contabo No.1
I was looking for some hosting
All day long
And luckily hit my browser

Quality is their nick name
Can’t you see?
Always for your site-crew
They will be.

No matter where you live
And what you do
Contabo always has
Some specials for you.

Live your Net life
Secured and fast
Their uplink/downlink
Make it blasts.

Just one more to say
For this last try of rhyme
Contabo is No.1
And one of a kind.
(Haris, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The winners have been notified and the prize is on the way to the them.

If you are interested in reading the German poems as well, please have a look on our German blog.

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