100 Mbit/s guaranteed bandwidth for 399 EUR!

From time to time we receive requests from our customers who ask whether it would be possible to use an enormous amount of Internet traffic with their server without the risk of having their server limited at the port – for example to 10 Mbit/s. A lot of Internet services require constant high bandwidth and low latency, not only for a short time, but permanently. Streaming services, download sites and multi media servers would be applications for which this holds true.

Giga-International.com has responded to this demand for permanent, extreme traffic consumption and expanded its existing Internet uplink (10 Gbit/s via M-Net) with another 10 Gbit/s line, this one from carrier heavyweight Telia Sonera.
We would like to pass the advantages of doubling our bandwidth capacities on to you to enable even the most bandwidth-heavy projects you might want to host.

Starting now, each of our root servers is eligible to the upgrade “100 Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth – 24/7 guaranteed”. With this upgrade, you will receive a 100 Mbit/s line which is reserved for you, can be used up to 100%, at any time and is not shared. Both up and down, you will be able to use 100 Mbit/s permanently, without any limitations, port limiting, artificial boundaries, etc.. We guarantee that you will be using this line exclusively, you will not share it with any other server. Even when using 100 Mbit/s permanently, there will be no limitation of any kind!

With this premium upgrade, your server becomes a traffic powerhouse, which is able to process – without the risk of any limitations – about 63 Terabyte, i.e. 63 000 GB (upstream and downstream) of traffic per month.

This fantastic traffic upgrade is available at only 399 EUR per month for your server. It can simply be ordered during the order process on our homepage.

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