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At Contabo, we're committed to reducing the environmental impact of our server infrastructure. We provide responsible cloud services, with the environment as a central focus. Continuous data center optimization, energy efficient hardware, and green energy usage are all key aspects that limit the carbon footprint of your cloud.

How We're Building the Cloud of the Future

Our consistent efforts to improve our sustainability are focused on several key areas.
Excellent power usage effectiveness ratio thanks to ground water cooling system.

Optimized Data Center Operations

We're proud to operate many Data Centers with excellent power usage effectiveness ratios. This is achieved through ground water cooling, free-air cooling and continuous energy efficiency improvements. Moving forward, our newly-built European Data Center aims to be best-in-class in sustainability, thanks to an efficient infrastructure designed for our needs, free-air cooling and solar panels producing on-site renewable energy.

CPU with best-in-class performance to efficiency ratio.

Energy Efficient Hardware

The relationship between energy efficiency and performance is something we look at very carefully when deciding on which hardware to use in our Data Centers. That's exactly why we choose CPU models that have best-in-class performance to efficiency ratios.

Certified green power coming from sources such as wind, hydro and solar.

Certified Green Power and Renewable Energy

As a Data Center operator, we understand that as much as we optimize, we will still always consume energy. This is why we choose to procure green energy for our Data Centers. In 2023, our certified green power came from various sources such as wind, hydro and solar. As we grow, we are committed to further increasing the share of renewable and green energy across all of our locations around the globe.

Sustainability Milestones

A few important steps on our journey to create a greener cloud.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2023 we worked hard on completing our first official greenhouse gas inventory. This is extremely important to us, since understanding our baseline is the first step in order to set up targets and work towards decarbonizing our business. We will continue to do this exercise annually to track our progress and increase understanding of our emissions trends.

Commitments & Signatories

Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact: we are a member of this Europe-wide voluntary self-regulatory initiative.

Science Based Targets initiative: We are in the process of submitting our application to have our climate targets aligned with the SBTi.

Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) enables companies to set greenhouse gas reduction targets in line with what's necessary to mitigate climate change. Joining over 4000 other companies globally, we've committed to near-term SBTi targets as a first step in our decarbonization roadmap.

The targets cover all the areas of our greenhouse gas emissions, relating to both our direct and indirect emissions. Our first target is to reduce our scope 1 emission by 47% by 2030. This will largely be achieved by electrification of our vehicle fleet. Secondly, we will continue to procure green energy for all our Data Centers. As emissions and energy efficiency go together, we also have targets to reduce our PUE in our Data Centers, in line with continuous improvement efforts to reduce our energy usage.

Lastly, to account for the indirect emissions along the value chain (our scope 3 emissions), we plan to work with our suppliers to ensure that 67% have SBTi-aligned targets by 2029. The decarbonization of our suppliers has a direct impact on our emissions, and we believe a joint effort is required by all when combating climate change.

Sustainability Metrics

A quick look at the numbers behind the Contabo Group's sustainability efforts.
Clean Energy

100% of the energy we procure is certified green, coming from various sources such as wind, hydro and solar. We are committed to keeping this figure consistent.

Energy Efficiency

We keep a close eye on Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) across all our Data Centers. We aim to improve our energy efficiency and achieve a 1.3 score by 2030.


Existing owned Data Centers already perform above expectations in terms of Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) ratio. We are working hard to further reduce carbon emissions.