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Contabo CLI

Manage your resources directly from the command line.

~$ cntb start instance 200650655

200650655 start

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CLI Features

IPMI and KVM allow for easy remote access, management, and control of your servers.
Easy Installation

Download the app and follow the straightforward install on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.

Icon Simple Syntax
Simple Syntax

Access all features from the Contabo API with an easy to use syntax. Examples and reference can be found in the API docs.

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Output Formatting

Contabo’s CLI outputs data in an easy to read format by default. You can also specify CSV, JSON and YAML.

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Open Source

Access the full Contabo CLI source code on Github. Feel free to contribute if you wish.

"I’ve tested the CLI and API a bit and I like them a lot! Thanks for this feature, it makes Contabo’s VPS even more attractive and I will be able to migrate more of my cloud applications to you."

Hiro Makita, Web Developer

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