Cloud VPS and Bare Metal Servers for Less

Affiliate Program

With Contabo Affiliate Program you get money when people from your network become Contabo Customers. You get commission. They get quality service. A win-win!

Monetize Your Network

With Contabo Affiliate Program you can better monetize the relationships and the outreach that you already have.

Recommend the Best

Many people recommend Contabo everyday even without joining our Affiliate Program. It's because we deliver on the promise of German quality at incredible prices.

No Investment Needed

Sign up and once we have manually approved you for our program you can start earning money with Contabo Affiliate Program. It's easy as 1-2-3.

Fixed Commission for Every New Order

Product Commission
Cloud VPS 1 €20.00
Cloud VPS 2 €30.00
Cloud VPS 3 €40.00
Cloud VPS 4 €50.00
Cloud VPS 5 €60.00
Cloud VPS 6 €70.00
Storage VPS 1 €20.00
Storage VPS 2 €30.00
Storage VPS 3 €40.00
Storage VPS 4 €50.00
Storage VPS 5 €60.00
Storage VPS 6 €60.00
Cloud VDS S €40.00
Cloud VDS M €50.00
Cloud VDS L €60.00
Cloud VDS XL €90.00
Cloud VDS XXL €120.00
Outlet Servers €70.00
Object Storage €20.00
AMD Ryzen 12 €60.00
AMD EPYC 16 Cores €120.00
AMD EPYC 32 Cores €150.00
Intel 10-Core €70.00
Intel Dual 10-Core €80.00

How to Join Contabo's Affiliate Program?

Sign up

Signing up for our Affiliate Program at Commission Junction is easy, free of charge and only takes a minute. Simply log in to your existing CJ publisher account or register a new account in order to apply for our program. All you need is your own website or a blog on which you can recommend our products, publish banners or text links.

Wait for Approval

We do review all new publisher applications manually and kindly ask for your patience in this regard as this may take up to a week. Once approved, you will receive a welcome e-mail from us. Should you not be approved, kindly check if you have provided your website URL and a meaningful description of your advertising methods in your CJ profile. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Support and we will gladly assist you further.

Start Earning

Once you are an official partner, you will get access to creatives you can use. We offer a wide range of banners in popular sizes and text links. Simply select your favorite one and put it on your website. Should you require a different size format, feel free to contact us so that we can provide it.

It is important to ensure that you use the tracking link of the respective ad provided by CJ. Otherwise your referrals won't be tracked and you will not receive a commission payment in exchange from us.

How Does Contabo Affiliate Program Work in Detail?

Tracking Visits

Once your website visitors click on our banner or text link, they are being forwarded to our website and the tracking process starts. We use state-of-art privacy friendly technology provided by Commission Junction to ensure that even if they do not place their order right away, you will still receive commission.

Order Summary

Once a visitor from your website places an order, you will see that in your Commission Junction account. Once a month, the orders are reviewed and approved by us for commission payout.

Qualified Orders

To yield a commission, an order needs to meet several criteria: it needs to be paid by the customer and not cancelled within the first 30 days. All of these are described in detail on the Commission Junction page of this Affiliate Program.

Commission Accrual

You will receive commission for each new customer's first order. That is, if one customer orders multiple products, you will receive commission for the product ordered first.

Grace Period

Your commission earnings will be officially credited to your CJ account after a 60 day waiting period. Once this time period is over, CJ will process the payment to your account according to their terms.


You can withdraw the funds from your Commission Junction account, using any payment method CJ offers for your location.