The Online Advent calendar is available: 24 discount promotions for you!

Contabo X-Mas Christmas is close and this year we offer a very special pre-Christmas promotion for you: As of 1st December, we open the first door of our digital Advent calendar that will make the heart of every hosting prospective beat faster.

24 doors are waiting to be opened and to surprise with different offers and promotions from the hosting sector.
Each day a new highlight is hidden behind the door, which matches with everyone’s demands and desired preferences.

No matter which hosting solution one is interested in – with our Advent calender promotion the desired hosting solution gets even more attractive. More details about all the special daily offers are yet to be revealed, but we warmly recommend you to take a look every day at our calendar and to open the available doors. Only that much is unfolded: Anyone can make the product of his choice a little sweeter with additional features or price reductions.

The online Advent Calendar is available on the our company website. All relevant details on the various hosting products and promotions are available there as well.

Have fun and stay tuned!